Our Life is full of INTERESTING things to decide what to do with.  So our Loving Father gave us a BRAIN, Curiosity, HIS SPIRIT (which is Life itself) and some more things (We'll have a hard time trying to keep up with DADDY's mind).


Being ALMIGHTY, and BEING the Creator of ALL things; that ever WAS, IS or WILL BE, I would think HE COULD COME UP WITH ANYTHING (that we would allow HIM TO DO, in our lives) to help... don't you?  Then taking into consideration those things... I've started asking REAL questions about the God of our modern day Bibles.  We have at least 400 different interpretations.  And some interpreters, I may say, were thrown out of the 'God Circles' of the day. 


We as Part of the 5 fold Ministry, still can't come up with TOTAL AGREEMENT.  And according to the different books on Religion, Sprituality and the such, the Bible we're using NOW, has been tampered with so often UNTIL... WELLLLLL we really do have to depend on GOD's Holy Spirit to Lead us and Guide us INTO ALL things.


Let me throw a few questions at you, for your thoughts and consideration.


According to the modern day Bible, God approves of forecible rape. 


That word 'under compulsion' means: Compelling,irrationally compelling.  That which must be done or suffered.


AND: The Law of RAPE Deuteronomy 22:28-29  It seems here that the RAPE Victim is MADE to Marry her RAPIST. HUMMMMMM?


TRY:  DEUTERONOMY 22:23-24  Death to the Rape Victim.

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