God, through Joshua, told us to choose whom we will serve, Joshua 24

What do you think God gave us the privilege of choice -choosing whom we will serve?


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the privilage of choice, can also been seen as the power of choice. Joshua had been among Israel, he knew their fickleness, their weakness in committment. He recounted to them all that GOD had done for them, inspite of their ungrateful response; and now here they are, and once again, Hear me and CHOOSE what is going to be your head. His reponse to them and his bringing them to a time of decision, held in it a warning; you cannot serve the Lord. He was alerting them to the fact that GOD will not accept all the time this half heartedneness toward HIMSELF. You do have to choose and YOU WILL choose. You may not open your mouth, but your fruit will show your choice o Israel. the power of choice can be a great positive power in the hand of a christian.....GOD bless you


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