Our society is steeped in pagan symbols and rituals. This teaching uncovers the symbols used in pagan rituals and also jewelry that is commonly worn by pagans and Christians alike. The pdf of the Power Point is attached, feel free to download to study along with the audio.

Complete Teaching on Paganism.


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This is a great post and one that all should pay attention to. In my study of paganism we can see that the US is full of pagan signs and especially with the leadership of those involved with the Masons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove and Illuminati groups that run the US. We have these pagan symbols on the currency and especially at the Whitehouse and surrounding grounds.
I do have one question. The PDF file stated that you are considered pagan if you do not recognize Islam or Judaism. It's really hard for me to recognize or think of Allah as a god or Judaism as a true religion when they were created by man. I think it would be like when Isaiah challenged the priest of the pagans and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prevailed against the fake gods of the heathens. It would be the same today because the non existant Allah can't do anything. I feel that Judaism was started by the Pharisees (forerunner) once they started putting their own traditions to God's Law. So am I considered a pagan simply because I refuse to recognize Allah/Islam or Judaism? Thanks for sharing and God bless.
Shalom Brother John!

No you are not pagan because of that, you would be pagan if you beleived in more than one god or did pagan rituals to other gods such as the wiccians. Also, the Church does pagan rituals when it comes to christmas and easter, but that's being taught and clarified more so more churches are turning from those ritual days.

Remember that I was teaching from a book scholarly stand point and that information was taken from encyclopedia web sites. That is what their books say. We know that Judiasm was formed by the Pharisees and that Islam has built their religion on Ishmal who was Hebrew through his father's bloodline, (go figure, LOL).

The point was that they both believe in one God for Judiasm and one god for Islam. It was making a point about monothesism and polytheism. This is how they are listed to the world as monotheistic because of that.

Thanks so much for the question and I hope that furthur explains.

Shalom, Shalom
It does and thank you again for this topic.
Praise Yahweh!

Shalom, Shalom


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