Presentedby Apostle Anthony Yarde....01/11/11


ForThe LORD has been seeking the attention of the churches in the UnitedStates. Yet she continues to play the role of the harlot. For manyhave polluted the sacred message and compromised Gods requiredstandards to embrace humanistic ideologies, false prophesies, andphilosophies, which have promoted celebrities. Thus they became thepersonalities of the church.

TheLord is not pleased. For the moral and spiritual fiber of the churchhas rapidly declined. Wrong is seen as right and rightis seen as wrong; such as the acceleration of homosexuality (in everyform), divorce, and unnatural affection.

Aspirit of lust has grabbed hold of many, giving heed to seducingspirits, occult practices and itching ears. All of which producespiritual apathy, division, slander, hatred, unforgiveness,judgmental, spiritual and haughty attitudes.

TheLORD said "now it is time to return to Him, less he come swiftlywith his reward for your evil deeds.

Butif you will return to me", saith God "with a cleanconscience and a pure heart you will be found by me and I will causeyou to spring forth like a green herb and an oak tree, and cause afresh river of my glory and purity to flow unto you that will not becontaminated in any form. Out of it will flow a super abundance oflife. Mass destruction may lurk at your door but grace and mercy isextended you. Choose you this day to serve me and live, less I comequickly with mass destruction.


Nowis the time to put on the garment of repentance and a totalcommitment to return to the lord in reverent fear. Gather my body ina united solemn assembly and weep before me until I come and rain onyou. If you fail to call a solemn assembly, I will role over you andcause a scattering. I am raising up a Josiah-An Apostolic-Propheticanointing that will clean up my temple and cause a spiritual divinereformation that will usher in my restoration and restitution. Foryou have watched the widows, the fatherless, the homeless, and thedown trodden, looking down on them. But I will raise them up and Iwill remove the celebrities and personalities that function in mypulpit who have not heeded to my ways and precepts, but allowedpollution in my sanctuary".



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