In truth, all development happens by means of the "Light of Torah/Instructions in Righteousness", which is concealed from us. And even though everything is done by Ab aHayah Yahuweh Alaha who is "Light" alone, when this takes place in our egoistic development, we don’t know anything about the "Light" and are not connected with Him in any way. Therefore, when a person develops, he becomes more distant from Alaha/haElohim, because he understands that he can do without Him. So in the heart of this individual, the heart speaks: "After all, where is the Creator in our world and how is He present in all that I do?"

This is why the era of Enlightenment is taking place, people are leaving the religious sene. But now, after all our development, we are revealing that we have reached emptiness. After studying and understanding this worlds systems, and religions, we now see that it is dirty and horrible. But the most important thing that we have come to understand is that the more we develop and the more efforts we make and despite becoming smarter and more skilled in some ways, things just keep deteriorating and the world becomes worse. So by developing the world, we have only made it worse, not better.

This is why people are reaching a point of despair. But this is not enough, Alaha/haElohim will not allow you to run away from it all through drugs, sex, over eating, or whatever you are trying to fit the bill with. Together with all that is happening, the desire of Alaha/haElohim in the heart is surfacing in people, and it is pulling them to further spiritual development in HIM. This is where we come up against a problem: on one hand, this point is egoistic, because it’s the reverse side of holiness. But even though this egoistic point is a result of the breaking, it can be turned into an altruistic point. We can turn it into a “drop of semen,” which will become a spiritual embryo.

The time has come for us as a whole to turn back [repent] to Ab aHayah Yahuweh Alaha through love which is obedience to "The Light of Torah/Instructions in Righteousness." We had the best example, Yahushua haMashiyakh Himself that showed us the way we are to walk, and that is in "LOVE", Amein...!

Shalom Shalom
"Zaquaine" Mufasa Abda Kalil TsidekiYahu

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