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This issue of brokenness is very real in our churches, ministries, and society as a whole. There are many bishops, pastors, elders, ministers, and leaders that stand before congregations and minister life to the multitudes while silently going through hell. I know firsthand what it feels like to be bound by a situation or circumstance while having to pretend everything is going great. The pressures of built-up anger and stress caused me to become a ticking time-bomb ready to explode at any given moment; reason being that the majority of my experiences as a child were filled with deep feelings of silent frustration, bitterness, and brokenness.
The feelings of desperation and frustration continued through to my late twenties. I had never understood why I went through so much at a young age until November 22, 1998, for this was the day that God revealed to me that He had chosen me to deal with an area in society as well as the body of Christ that seems untouchable: “Brokenness.”

There had been many times when I needed help, but did not have anyone to talk to. It didn't take me too long to realize that God was there when I needed someone to listen; he quickly became the only one I shared my most personal thoughts with. As a result, I have come to dedicate my life to teaching people how to come out of their silent frustrations and trials victoriously. I am filled with joy because I know that God has a greater purpose for my existence and that His desire is for me to share my experiences and His concerns for healing broken individuals.

My goal is to help people love themselves and achieve higher heights in life. I am amazed by the bitterness and resentment many have for their lives because they silence or hide their pain. I do understand these emotions because I have been bitter and resentful myself. I have learned from my brokenness that there is a better way to live. Discomfort tends to hover over many people as a result of failing to express their pain with others. If the body of Christ really embraced this, altars would be flooded with broken people; however, instead, fear of criticism grips the lives of most people in the church today.

As a matter of fact, there are many reading this book right now that place blame on outward sources, like the church, for not healing them. There may be some valid claim to the lack of effectiveness of the Church, but this work is design to have you look within yourself, rather than place blame on the institution. Upon receiving these words, you will no longer be able to place blame on anyone or anything. Today is the beginning of a journey that will motivate you to step beyond your excuses and meet the real you.

I must tell you up front that this book is written for those who desire change. This work is designed to be more than just good reading material. This book is for the person who will choose to get real with his/her self, and truly do only what produces positive change. Only by dealing with real issues will God bring healing and wholeness to your life. After reading this book, or perhaps while you are reading, my hopes are that you will operate in the principles and power of Jesus Christ. There are those who love to jump and shout and, yes, that has its proper place; but when the Hammond organ stops and the service is over, we have to deal with real issues.

My life didn't get better until I went to God and realized that I was accountable for my change. I was complaining that I did not have proper teaching and mentoring, and I was in a messed up condition because I did not want to deal with things as they truly were. However, the day finally came when I moved beyond that realm of only desiring wholeness into the realm of receiving it! My desire is to help you make a great impact in life and society, as well as share with you what I did to become whole. No longer will you be deprived of the amazement of truly loving, praying, praising, and worshipping God! Instead of just confessing it, it's time to receive your healing, live holy, and walk in victory. If you are willing to fight for your heart's desire, then you are closer to walking in the power of God than the enemy wants you to realize. Picture yourself manifesting the fullness of God in your life. What a powerful way to live when the very shadows we cast are what heal the lives of every broken person we come into contact with: that's the power of the anointing!

In order for this work to be effective and manifest positive changes in your life, you must first remove yourself from negative ways of thinking as well as from negative thinkers. Secondly, the Word that comes forth out of the mouth of God must be fully believed when its read, preached or taught before any serious and definite changes will occur. Our belief system ultimately determines how far and how fast we will excel in this life and in the Kingdom of God. If this work is taken seriously if has endless possibilities to strengthen your family, relationships, church, and ministry. Our Heavenly Father has given us a charge to take back what the devil has stolen from us. Let's join forces and wage war against the enemy. Let's go down to the enemy's camp and take back what is rightfully ours! Someone has to take back the family, peace of mind, children, and parents that are held captive by the evil pharaohs of society.

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