Today is a great day! I have learned that life is what you make it, you
can either make make things happen, or you can allow things to happen.
We must learn to not play the victim and become a victor. Never sit by
idle and let external circumstances control you, you have to control
your circumstances! Yes, there will be things that are beyond your
control, however when those things happen, we must learn how to deal
with them positively and learn the lesson(s) that are being taught at
that moment in time.

Yes, even though it seems tough at the moment, we should always look for
teachable moments in our lives. Often times, we fail to see the good
will come out of a bad situation. Many times bad things happen in our
lives to bring out the best in us. Do we ever think about the fact that
maybe there are things that lay dormant in us that need to be changed or
brought to the forefront. Sometimes things happen to get rid of the
distractions in our lives, that we may focus on what we are called to

God has the ultimate say in our lives, however sometimes He desire to
partner with us to accomplish our goals. We all have a greater calling
and must use our full potential without putting up a fight. Life may be
comfortable chilling on the sidelines, however we must be active
participants in the game of life. We can't sit on the side lines and
complain about those who are bringing their, "A Game," but must
condition ourselves to work hard to sharpen our skills so when our time
comes we can use our spotlight to become a major player in life.

I am learning more about myself each day and I am sure many others are
learning the same. I know that with God's help, all things are possible.
My encouragement is in knowing that I have a purpose and that I will
accomplish all that I set out to do. I am never alone, even though
during rough times it seems a such. I also know that no weapon that is
formed against me will ever prosper! I also know that with Christ all
things are possible...Why is that? Its because I believe.

In conclusion, although people may not alway understand my methods,
Rhymes or reasons for doing what I do; at times I don't understand,
however I know ultimately, everything will work out for my good because I
trust in God and what He has place in me.

What are your thoughts?

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