The Word of God is effective and has the potential to manifest positive change in any individual; therefore, an unbeliever must first be open to a new way of thinking in contrast to their own worldview. One’s belief system ultimately determines how far and how fast they will excel in this life and in the Kingdom of God. However, the challenge for the Christian believer has been that there are numerous belief systems that are contrary to the belief system/world view of Christianity. One of the most common of the contradictory practices is that of an Atheistic view. In spite of the external forces that challenge Christian believers; the God of Christianity is the only God that is personal and Absolute.

These essentials coupled with the ultimate authority of Scripture and the proper use of Apologetics enables the Christian believer to evangelize any person of a major world religion, even an Atheist.
A potential convert of Christianity must first adhere to the words that come forth out of the mouth of God’s servant for change to germinate in his or her spirit. As afore mentioned, the Scriptures of God are the ultimate authority in the Christian belief and has the potential to convert the Atheist; however, the question now becomes, “How to evangelize an Atheist?” Many have categorized an Atheist as one who doesn’t desire to accept responsibilities for their own actions. The person who would rather live life making up rules as they go eventually becomes frustrated and confused when their circumstances are bigger than their own understanding. Dealing with change can be a challenge for anyone, especially those whose belief is not to believe in anything other than oneself.

Before a Christian witness can effectively witness to an Atheist, he or she must know Jesus Christ as Lord and savior with a good understanding of what it means scripturally to follow Christ. The Christian witness must prepared by acquiring enough general knowledge of the Atheistic view in order to combat any contradicting statements that may arise in their dialogue. According to frame in his book, Apologetics to the Glory of God, Atheism can be either practical or theoretical or both. The theoretical atheist denies God: the practical atheist simply lives as if God did not exist.” (Frame) A Christian witness must pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading and capitalize on great moment in the dialogue that will further prove that God is Absolute. As the believer sets the stage to convert the Atheist, one must keep in mind to treat the individual politely and respectfully, even if their belief is different from yours.

The Christian witness must know that the scriptures prove themselves and that God exist, where as the Atheist will have trouble proving that God doesn’t exist. Realizing that the Atheist can only pose a failing argument, the witness must use the interview process which initiates a series of questions that further illuminate the insufficiency of the Atheist’s case. This tactic if used correct will disarm the Atheist and keep them off balance with questions pointed out in Frame book such as: How can you be sure relativism is right, when it itself rules out all assurance? The witness can ask, “What basis do you have for making decisions?” What basis do you have for criticizing the treatment you receive from others? The witness can also ask, “How can you live as a do you determine what good or bad?” (Frame)

These questions can be hard for the Atheist to answer truthfully, for it will further prove that he or she is heading down a path of destruction. The witness must point out that our hope is in Christ. 5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. 24 For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? 25 But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

After substantial proof, the Atheist should come to the conclusion that there is a God. After establishing that God exist, the Christian witness will introduce the individual to Jesus and encourage them to accept Him as Lord and Savior, followed by the sinner’s pray of salvation. However, if the individual continues to slide from one position in conversation to the next and/or hold fast to what she or he believers with the determination that they will only receive the Word of God through their own person interpretation, the only other alternative the Christian has is to pray that God will melt the heart of the unbeliever. Pray that God will reveal Himself to him or her; for prayer is the ultimate Apologetic weapon, according to Frame. If the Christian witness were to follow this process of a similar one, he or she can maintain a position of peace knowing whether or not the Atheist is convert, God is Absolute and His Word is the final authority.

Do you think that this method would work on and Atheist?

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