People of God I wanted to take the opportunity to pose a question or a thought. With the rapid spread of Homosexuality moving and spreading like wild fire through our churches and through our young people, what shall we do and how shall we do it.

Just preaching to them does not seem to cause there spirits to receive. How do we attack the strongman of the flesh that is working in conjunction with the Spirit of Perversion and Homosexuality? We have to get to the bottom of this epidemic.

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The issue becomes more tempered when it is approached in an orderly fashion. When true men of God begin to recognize the overt attack of this Spirit coupled with the fact that the gates of hell cannot prevail against GOD's Church, then the answer is to simply stand for the truth of the Word of God. These truths are evident in Scriptures like Romans 1 and Galatians 5. However it must be mentioned that God is interested in all coming to Him in the pardoning of their sins, but the truth is that all will not and some will persih. Our response is the balance of those two truths, recognizing that their are some individuals caught in sin who need to be dealt with severely and others who need to be dealt with gingerly in the Church. The recognition of the difference is a Spirit-filled matter. One truth is always true. True men of God CAN and MUST usher sinners into the waiting and loving arms of Jesus Christ without being compromised themselves.

Same Message...Different Method
There is a spiritual strongman which is the spirit of perversion, that lurks over our youth as well as our Christian adults, We see it every where. We must tackle this through consentrated prayer, The word says that what we bind on earth witll be bound in heaven, and what we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. It is not enough to just preach, and talk about it, this kind takes spiritual warfare, as well as spiritual mapping, so you will know what you are fignting against. The strategy must be right. Because these are territorial spirits. Homosexuality is the only sin that refuses to be called a sin. God hates the very act of homosexuality, not the person. And just like birds of a feather flock together so do spirits, even in the local churches.


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