Precious and Almighty Father, I come to you this morning as your humble child, recognizing that you are the Lord God who is the very sun and shield, who protects us and bestows favour and honour and who will not withhold any great thing that is so required from all who walk in righteousness before you.


I thank you this day as I come before you Almighty God in great expectation of your wonders and power to do even that which appear impossible, I thank you Almighty God that you the God in whom I serve knows all that is in our hearts, knows all that is before your children and knows what is required for your children to step out in victory.


Right now Father God as I come before you with the many unspoken request for all those that needs healing, Lord, look favourably upon your people, those that have accepted your love but you are suffering from ill health.


In the name of Jesus because you the God of all mercies I ask that you being the son of all righteousness mount up and rise with wings of healing and pour it where it is needed on your children who Almighty God walk after your name.


Father God this day I pray for those who are mourning the lost of loved ones, I know that there are many things Father that we with our finite minds do not comprehend so it behooves us to place our trust in you because you see what is before us, behind us, what is besides us and even the things that are around that is invisible to our naked eyes.


Father even though we cannot understand it does not take away the sense of loss and pain when a loved one has being taken so you being the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the God of all comfort, mercies and peace I ask you right now Lord to be of comfort to those who are dealing with loss through death, comfort and strengthen them and let your peace reign in their hearts so they in term could be of comfort to the rest of their families in the name of Jesus.


Lord I pray for those who have ask for their names to be remembered in prayer, Almighty God I know not their reasons but I need not know why they need prayers it is sufficient for them to ask to be lifted in your name and I know that there is no secret from you Lord because even our thoughts thou knowest and you are therefore able to know what their needs are so right now I thank you for being the Almighty God, the God amongst all gods the King of kings and the Lord of lords, I thank you. I thank you Lord because I know that you have heard all my request and even those that I may have forgotten you will know and I know that right now your grace and your mercy is making a way even when it would appear to be no way thank you because such is you power.


I thank you Almighty God because I call upon your many promises, promises that you made even before our problems began and I know that these promises must be fulfill because no word spoken by you can ever be void. So all these mercies, Father, are place before you in no other name but that which is above all other name, the nam

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