In our Women Reaching Out meeting the question that was asked is it out of order in service if someone start a second service after the preach word has gone forth?

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This is only my feeling about the matter. I believe that it IS out of order. We have had this happen on occasion, in the form of a final prayer or benediction. My pastor, not wanting to cause a scene, allowed the prayer to finish but asked the minister to please do his preaching on his designated sunday.
Amen I feel that it is very much out of order.
I have seen this done after the word has gone forth and the guest speaker was acknowledging the guest one guest was overcome by something and started the service all over. In my opinion it seemed to be an attention grabber look at me and see how powerful I am. It was defintely out of order.
Amen again the attention was giving to the word of God and not man. People need to stop being attention grabber (like that) and power struck. OUT OF ORDER!


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