Do you think that our young people are in a famine? Famine means an acute shortage of anything,lack







I believe that our young people are in a famine today. The word famine means lack; shortage and our young people are in lack. They lack the love of a two parent home, they lack the security of a safe neighborhood they lack ambition and motivation. They lack the confidence, they lack the self-esteem.


Is it because they don’t have the right people in their corners?  Especially if they live in a single parent home with 3 or 4 other siblings it’s impossible for that one parent to adequately reach out to all of his/her kids. There is only so much a single father can teach his daughter(s), she needs the nurturing of a mother or at least a woman figure in her life. There is only so much a mother can teach her son(s), He needs that father figure or male appearance in order to accurately walk into manhood.

As a youth pastor I model my youth department around the most prevalent issues surrounding our community therefore letting the children know that they are not going unnoticed and unrecognized. As present day leaders and Christians is it so more imperative that we cover our young people and steer them the right way because that old BALD HEADED DEVIL, Is on a rampage and out to steal, kill, and destroy our young people. We are teachers to our young people, it’s often said that young people get their first teachings from the church (I AGREE). So we have to be so ever careful of what we teach our kids because we are living in a modern day Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) Children are against their parents, fussing, cussing, fighting, running away, WHY? Because they are in a FAMINE. I admonish all youth pastors, youth ministers, youth directors, youth leaders to be more mindful of what’s going on with our young people because you never know what they are facing. And we need to be ready at any cost to intercede, minister, fast all of the necessary things to get that child or children out of their famine

Be Empowered, Be Encouraged and Be Inspired

Elder Brandon Cave




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It is really hard to read, and I am interested in what your thoughts are... is there a way to adjust it?

Your friend in ministry,
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I agree with the premise, that within the structure of society, there is a famine. But as a whole I try to structure our Youth Ministry department from an accountability perspective and there are many other perspectives to take even outside of mine and yours.
In my opinion, so many of our churches attempt to soften the blows of life as opposed to helping young people to prepare for them, "...think it not strange when the firey darts of the enemy come at you..." and so with this scripture in mind. I try to prepare them for the inevitable. I try to inspire them to manage disappointments of whatever degree from whatever source; be it family, friends or education.
Is there a famine? Yes, but there has always been a famine. In one form or another, that is why God has chosen us, like He has chosen Joseph to manage the famine of Egypt.
Now that we have recognized what we are here to do, what are some of the ways that you manage in Florida from a practical standpoint, that we ALL at BPN can learn and implement to improve our famine managing portfolio?
Just my thoughts...


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