The 21st Century Church is not a new denomination or Christian ministry arising on earth, but a church shift from what we are familiar, and accustomed to. God promised to do a new thing; that new thing is leaving the realm of the supernatural into the natural in our day.

There is much more to the church and what the church can accomplish in the world than we have been taught for centuries. The 21st Century Church would be the 8th wonder of the world by her character, structure of vision and operational dynamics. It's time to understand the nature and characteristics of the 21st century church.

Operating in the body of Christ in the 21st century without understanding the revelation of the 21st century church, is likened to an Illiterate school master who established a school in a remote community, when he could not read or write. One day, a child living in a distant country, sent his mother a letter informing her of his soon coming. The woman took the letter to the school master, hoping he could read it for her.

Since the school master was an illiterate, he took the letter from the woman and turned it upside down pretending to be reading. After a while, he put on a sad look and the woman asked him; "should I mourn," and he responded, "Mourn." When he said that the mother thought the content of the letter was announcing the dead of her son. And, the woman began weeping; she wept until her weeping caught the attention of a passerby, who stopped and asked what was going on and the woman said; she just received a letter that her son is dead. The passerby asked for the letter and began reading it.

After reading through it, he realized that what the woman was told was different from the true content of the letter the son sent to her. The passerby then told the woman; "weep not, your son is alive, he said he would soon visit and when coming, he will bring some goodies for their Christmas celebration. When the woman learned of the true content of the letter sent to her by the son, the sadness on her face turned into a beautiful smile and later erupted into jubilation.

The illiterate school master was embarrassed and knew, his folly won't proceed any longer. It was then discovered by everyone in the remote community that the so-called school master was an illiterate himself and can't read or write, but had the audacity to open a school to teach pupils what he was ignorant of. What an irony?

This is the unfortunate situation many in the body of Christ are into, for ignorance of what God is doing in this day and the dispensation of the church we are into. That's why; you can't afford to miss this event. Book the dates in your calendar right now. See you soon! Dr. Etta

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