The purpose for writing this book is to provoke individuals
in relationships to think farther than their desires. By presenting
areas of communication breakdown, in which we tend to become combative
when confronted with the issues of various breakdown or weakness in our
families units, we can reconcile these issues by changing former ways of communication.
Breakdowns in family and relationships lead to breakdowns
in our societies and communities. Genesis chapter 1 reveals the step
by step plan for a one on one relationship filled with guidance from
God concerning the choosing of our mates as well as how you and
your mate should develop and grow together in the relationship. Let
us all keep in mind we all have room for change, with the understanding
that we all have work to do and there should be no reason
to blame others for their faults and flaws.
God looked beyond our faults and saw our needs. The scriptures
listed in the following pages have been added as tools to help
change the mind of the readers, to encourage and empower families,
our environment and even history.
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Comment by Pastor Kim Warner on April 8, 2014 at 4:02pm
I know their are a lot of people out there divorced, going through divorce, and embarking upon divorce, but if I could say one thing to you all... find within yourself to take ownership of your responsibility for the separation. It does not mean we failed, it means where embarking on success if we allow the solutions to roll into our minds concerning the separation of divorce understanding and kno...wledge will follow to help our healing. We must search our hearts to find the reason this lesson came about, especially for those who said like me they would never divorce.
My children were the reason for my search, I felt I had let them down. But in fact I had let myself down. I will tell you I needed to let myself down though because when I let myself or failed myself, this was the beginning of my lifting. God came in like and flood and began to lift me. But I reached out to receive which was something I was not use to doing.
Comment by Pastor Kim Warner on April 8, 2014 at 4:00pm

Our relationships with men and women are to be the same with God, the difference is putting God first.
In most cases our focus shifts to the individual, but we put...
God first before we think and speak.
God first when making decisions.
God first we give the praise.
God first unifying us as one.

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