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Comment by Pastor.B.Hosanna on August 4, 2010 at 2:54am
Dear , beloved in Christ Jesus,

I greet you all in the matchless name of our lord and savior Christ
Jesus. How are you and the family as well as ministry. We hope all is
well with you and the family as well as ministry. I am Pastor.
Hosanna. I am doing the ministry from last 7 years based on the rural
villages in India.I was born in a rich & Hindu family. Before
accepting Jesus my Family members worshiped idols and followed Hindu
God's culture. We had
A temple lord Shiva .I worked as a devotee in that temple.when I am at twenty
Years old I went to a college ground with my friends. In that campus so
Many people are worshiping Jesus. I asked my friends what was
It. why they were worshiping Jesus. I told my friends my god Shiva is
Greatest God. My God only real God. I cannot believe any God.My friends
Told to me please wait here, ten minitues after we will go back. They
Went to the meeting.I stand in a dark place half KM far at the
Meeting. No body cannot remembered me. In that meeting so many people
Were there. One service man stand and talking with the people. People
Were hearing his words.Then I observed his words. In his words only
One God his name is Jesus. He is real the God. Hindu's gods are silver
And gold.the work of men's hands. They have mouths, but they can’t speak
they have eyes but they can’t see. They have ears, but they can’t
hear. Noses have the .but they can’t smell. They have hands, but they
can’t Handle. They have feets but they can’t walk. so is every one
That trust their trusteth in them.
I filled with full of angry with that service man. I thought
In my heart. Who are a man why are you talking this like. I will beat
You. After that I heared small slowly lovely voice. I observed what a
Voice who are talk me. Three times o heared the same voice . In that
voice you are
A chosen vessel for me. I have set you to be of the gentiles that
You souldest be for salvation us to the ends of the earth. God say to me
In our temple in the early morning because who are a God talked with
Me. Which God talked with me. I will know the real matter. From 7
O'clock to 3 o'clock any god didn't talk with me. then I asked god who
talked with me in that meeting. please visit me please talk with
Me. then Jesus Christ visited me and appeared of unto me saying I have
Set you to be a light of the Gentiles you are a choses vessel.
I agreed Jesus Christ as my saviour . After some days he
Calls me "come to my service.Then I agreed his call. I left my
Buildibgs, lands, vahicles, realitives, my parents, money. only take my
Wife ,daugher,son. God has given to me his service and
Branches . So many people many sick people cured. Somany
Devils castout somebody gentiles believes God Jesus . Our ministries
Depend on faith only .there is no any support.we depends only Apostal
Advices. We left all and followed Jesus Christ.
Please pray for me and my iam doing service in
E-G-Dt at pulletikurru on march 9th in 2003 was started the service
with so many difficulties .so many hindu people was
Tried send to my village. But god has keep me in that
Village. Now I had started 15 branch churches and trained for 20
Members as a Pastors,
Now I request you kindly continue to pray for me and the family as
well as ministry also pray for the needs of our ministry now listing
my ministry needs below.

1. church planting and purchasing lands for churches
2. conducting the Gospel Revivals
3. Pastors conferences
4. to start Bible school and to raise many leaders for the lords kingdom
5. supporting to poor and needy pastors
6. caring for the old aged people, orphans, widows.
7. supporting to HIV patients and their children
8. Reaching the un Reached villages with Gospel.
9. planning for the orphan Home
10. planning to start the TV ministry ( to preach the word of God in TV )
11. Planning to give the education for the poor people and pastors children
12. my vision is to reach all the villages in my state with in 10 yea

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