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RETURN back to GOD


Heart of A Warrior News

Prophetess Truvanni Trudey Crawford

RETURNING BACK TO GOD1 SAMUEL 7:3 And Samuel spake unto all the house of Israel saying. If ye do return unto the Lord with all your hearts, then put away the strange gods and ashtaroth from among you, and prepare your hearts unto the Lord, and serve him only; and he will deliver you out of the hand of the philistines.

I was excited about the New Years Eve… Continue

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God is.............

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In spite of my pain,

I know that my service 2 U is not N vain.

In spite of my lack,

I know that U have my back.

In spite of what I see,

I know that U are here with me.

Lord U R my healer.

U R my provider.

U R D source of my strength.

In spite of my sins,

Whenever, I need U,

U R always here 4 me.

oh oh oh oh

Lord I love you,

I praise you,

I magnify your… Continue

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Livin+Invincible+Faith+Eternity could also be define as life

God ask Job where were you when?

Well, I challenge you today where r you NOW!

The book has the dash sowed up; & again many who claim to walk the walk still test it.

Why test the tester? Could temptation open a crack where prayer lacked to inpacked...Life

What did Hosea do to lure the glue that held the heart of God; was it not His heart that seduce the seductress for a season.

Who would vote… Continue

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"Wilful waste brings woeful want." - Matthew Henry

"As to this world, they that live riotously waste what they have, and will have a great deal to answer for, that they spend that upon their lusts which should be for the necessary substance of themselves and their families. But this is to be applied spiritually. Wilful sinners waste their patrimony; for they misemploy their thoughts and all the powers of their souls, misspend their time and all their opportunities, do not only bury,… Continue

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As the Lord lead me to the next level in Him I forgot in the midst of all of the excitement what I would have to endure after the elevation has taken place. I thought that it would be almost, dare I say, easier after coming through so much to get to where I was. Teaching and preaching has its own cost but I learned that the Lord will place you in certain cituation where all you have is Him. I thought about Job and all of the emotions that he went through to come to ultimate decision thats his… Continue

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Preparing to Transition

For the last couple of years, i've been contemplating a major decision! Do i leave what is comfortable and convienent, or do i go after what i call a place of uncomfortableness. I have always knew that God has been calling me to pastor but when i would see the things my father( yes i'm a p.k. a pastor's kid)has had to endure as a pastor for over 20 years, i was like God, call some one else. i'm comfortable in doing just praise and worship and ushering people into your presence, preaching at… Continue

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BPN's Virtual Fellowship Hall

There's a new group on the Black preaching network

Come one, come all...

BPN's Virtual Fellowship Hall...

Take a break and chat with your friends, international neighbors, and countrymen


Come on in and get some lemonade or ice tea.

How good and pleasant it is… Continue

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Latest Version on the Life of Jesus Christ

I need your comments and blogs on what Jesus life would do for todays trouble?



An angel name Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, name Nazareth. There was a virgin whose name was Mary who married a man whose name was Joseph. An angel told her, “to fear not because God has chose you and you have been blessed among the other women’. When she saw him, his saying troubled her and her mind wonder what is this… Continue

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Let Me Do It

The Lord says to tell you let Me do it. There are many of you that have been trying to make things happen on your on. The problem is for some of you have reach a point and then every thing just stops. There also some of you that have become brunt out and discouraged from set backs .The Lord says that which you have been trying to fix He wants to fix that for you. That part of your life that you fill is incomplete because of were you see your self in time. The Lord says I have you in the center… Continue

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The Sound Of Heaven

I hear the sound of heaven falling all over and it has placed me in the center of heavens worship. This sound is causing all the plans of the enemy to be confused .My lips our moving nonstop and the fire of tongues have uttered from my belly and out of my mouth. In the midst of this worship experience the Lord begin to declare that this is the space in history were the greater works shall be performed we shall see God in a new way this is a time were you must take Righteousness, Holiness ,and… Continue

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Church Under Fire for Gay Exorcism

Church Under Fire for Gay Exorcism

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Church Under Fire for Gay Exorcism

Thursday, 25 June 2009 17:18 Adrienne S. Gaines News - Featured News

A Connecticut church has come under fire for a YouTube video showing ministry leaders attempting to cast a "homosexual demon" out of a teenager.

Gay and youth advocacy groups accused Manifested Glory Ministries in Bridgeport of abusing a teenager in the 20-minute video… Continue

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The joy and peace of the Lord to you. I pray that all is well and you are walking in all that God would have for you today. The Body of Christ should be propsering in all areas of our lives, and yet there is great lack amongst THE BODY. The time is now for change. We have the power and the ability to bring change to the lives that God has placed in our path and I believe I have been given a tool to do just that.

As we all know, nothing that God blesses us with, is for us, sometimes… Continue

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I was having a conversation with someone when God began to minister to me about how I drifted off without realizing I was drifting. Occasionally people will sit and drift off to sleep. Many things will cause us to drift off to sleep; one of which is boredom, another is tiredness or fatigue, but the drifting I am referring to is when one drifts further and further out into the ocean without realizing they have drifted. Many times we grow so comfortable with a situation that we fail to see the… Continue

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join us put smile on the faces of the orphens and widows in west-africa

Who We Are

THEOMERCY FOUNDATION is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children in remote communities all over the world. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches the distant areas or village members, yet sometimes they are the ones who need it most.

The mission of Theomery foundation is to bring relief to all ethnic groups, especially focusing on orphans and abandoned children and families in remote areas of the world. Moving people toward a… Continue

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join us here

At Last-Days Christian Missions Inc. prayer is the cornerstone just as a prayerful life is the foundation of a truly active and sincere Christian faith. Prayer Warriors is NOT a church, but a Christian ministry that unifies almost all denominations of the local and global Christ following church and train missionaries,pastors teachers,apostles,prophet and evangelist. Through passionate, spirit filled prayer LDCM Prayer Warriors equips believers with an exciting, weekly experience designed to… Continue

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Abortion - A Wrong Turn In Life

I am hoping, through sharing my experiences with young ladies and men that they will see the seriousness in abortion. A innocent life suffers extinction, when you decide you are not ready for a baby. Its a act of selfishness, you may not think so now, but have You ever seen the results of abortion its a horrible scene. Its enough to make unable to eat for sometime, the result of a body ripped apart into pieces. A activist, friend once… Continue

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NOT A victim A VICTOR!!!

It has been a wonderful time of thinking and meditating over the love ,the kindness,the power and investment of God over my life.Yes indeed the Lord is good.His love and faithfulness are renewed every morning.As the mountains surround Jerusalem the Lord surrounds His people.Our God is not a covenant breaking God NO NO NO.He has so much invested to get us! The pure and precious Life of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.The HIGH PRIEST OF EXCELLENCE who offered his sacrifice not on… Continue

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How To Get answers to Our Prayers?


65:2 O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.

How To Get answers to Our Prayers?


Mark .11: 24.


Mark : 11:25.


John.14: 14.


John 15:7.


I John 5:14-15.


I Sam 1: 11. I Chro 4:10.

7.… Continue

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