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During my early studies this morning about the Last Supper [Communion, Breaking Bread, Eucharist, Fellowship, etc], the Spirit of the Lord directed my attention wondering if the Church or entire Christendom has fallen prey to an admonishment from Romans 12: 2. We probably hear that verse [regardless of what version or translation] preached in church so much we forget that we are alarmingly being driven by the spirit of this ungodly world. It is true that Economists, Investors, Financial…


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Thank God for making it through another busy week, yet a blessing with time in ministering with my wife. Lord have mercy she is truly bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. What bone? I'll share my thesis in a sermon later, but I am forever grateful we are partners in ministry in the community - on one accord as "fellow-helpers to the truth". As both God's building, we never receive God's grace in vain (3 John 1: 8;…

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2010 Food For Thought (session 11)

2010 FOOD FOR THOUGHT (session 11)

Have you not heard that it was said? Well…… tell it! (II Timothy 2: 2)

This Sunday the choir sang, “No Greater Love” Message: "Resurrection Power” preached by dear friend, Prophetess A. Davis.

Fascinating! The Lord blessed with the hearing of the choir. Inspiring words, and hearing God’s Word preached! Hearing, as we know, is simply perceiving by the ear, giving audience; listening to, attending favorably - by definition in… Continue

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2009 Food For Thought (session 9)


A vision dreamt to be.......

My heartfelt concern after hearing this past Sunday Bishop Kevin Dickerson preach a sermon, "pick me up, hold me up, build me up' from Galatians 6: 1 touched my heart so great I felt led to update my writings here from my heart to you, the body of believers. I searched my files and came across my own writings of 1993, "A vision dreamt to be"......Again, I… Continue

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Mid-Year Food For Thought 2009

Getting rather close to the end of another year here. A year closing out from many tests, trials and tribulations that God gave us all strength to endure - for others they survived it. Sadly, many have not and gave up. Though the early Church chose not to "neglect so great a salvation" first preached to them (Heb 2:3, 4: 6), I am reminded of one particular thing; the Christians had a determined mind of Jesus' commandment to 'love one another"...(John 15:12). Just how… Continue

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