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God's Promises


God knows all the troubles and problems that you and I face.

His promises cover the entire range of our needs,troubles,and

problems.He wants us to lay hold on these promises for help

in every time of need.I don't know your problems.trubles,difficulties,

and needs.But thie I do know.You have a hundred percent coverage

in God's promises as recorded in the Bible.They extend the needed

help for every conceivable difficulty.They help when…


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It Is Your Choice To Receive God's Blessing And To Serve Him

Just as in the days of Joshua, God still offers his love and the

opportunity to serve him, but he will not force it on anyone.

You may recall God once before offered the tribes of Israel

the land across the Jordan. They refused this blessing out of

fear of the people who lived there. Because they fefused this

blessing, they were left to wander in the desert for forty years

until Joshua finally led them to…


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Jesue calls us to friendship. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man

lay down his life for his friends, ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I

command you. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servent knoweth

not what his lord doeth; but I have called you friends; for all things that I

have heard of my Father I have made known unto you ( John 15:13-15,KJV ).

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The Strengh That We Need


In ourselves we do not have the strengh that we need to live

the way God wants us to live. But when we trun to Him, we

discover that ''it is God who works in you both to will and

to do His pleasure'' ( Philippians 2:13, NKJV )

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In our world today Children forget to thank their parentss for all that they do.

We take for granted the ways that others help us. Above all, we fail to thank

God for His blessings . When we come to Christ, it is not the end but the

beginning of a whole new life! He is with us, and He wants to help us follow

Him and His Word. Right now why don't you just thank Him  for all he has

done. Not  just  for you but for all He has done in your life and…


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To Be Rich In Faith

To be rich in faith requires a rich knowledge of God's Word. Believing and accepting God's

Ward at face value is to have faith in the One Who spoke those words. And they that know thy

Name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee

(PSALM 9:10). Therefore I say unto you, what things sever ye desire, when ye pray, believe

That ye receive them, and ye shall have them (Mark 11:24). Faith believes all that God says



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There is no greater privilege granted to man than that of prayer . In the providence God , prayer is the means of our success ; it has been made the avenue through which we may receive blessings that would not otherwise be given us .  Appeals , petitions, and entreaties between man and man are able to move men and act a part in controlling the affairs of nations ; but prayer moves heaven . God Bless You All and I hope everyone have a Bless weekend

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God's Plan For Our Salvation

Though there  were thousands of man who were crucified , only the  crucifixion of the sinless Son of God was worthy to be part of God's eternal plan  for man's salvation . The cross should be a constant reminder to each of us the goodness of God in allowing His only Son to die in that manner and , especially , to die in our place . There is only one ! He gave His life for you--and…


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'' It is Finished '' Just What Did That Ment /

That there was no more need for bloodshed . Never again would innocent lambs have to be sacrificed to atone for man's sin as  had been done in OLD Testament times . The blood flow was finished . Our salvation had been paid for in full .

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Do You Know ?

Throw away all trust in your own goodness. Look to the cross of Jesus Christ. See Him who suffered the agony of the condemned in your place , who received from His own Father the penalty we deserve and then rose from the dead. Christ Himself' bore our sins in His own body on the cross  '' ( 1 Peter 2;24 ). Transfer all of your hopes from what you have done to what He has done for you at Calvary . Place your trust in Him alone . '' He that hath the Son hath life ; and he that hath not the Son…


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Pastors & Leaders

We should lead weekly prayer walk into every room in the church. Ask individuals to pray that the people who enter the sanctuary, classroom, fellowship hall, offices, parking lot, and every other room in the church will come to know, love, trust, and obey God as Jesus did.

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Share Your Faith

Think of five people you can share your own faith walk story with this month. Encourage those involved in small groups in your church to also share their faith walk stories with five people this month. Such sharing will not only help those who share to see the evidences of transformation in their lives, but it will also be a witness of God's power to others.

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Teach Our Children

God uses the family unit as a cocoon for spiritual transformation. Cultivating such an environment not only gives children early glimpses of God's amazing love and strength, but it also provides fresh opportunities for you and others in your church to learn God's ways even as you seek to guide children ( see Deut. 6:6-7 ). We are commanded to teach our children about God's commandment.

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God Gives The Church

God gives the church great flexibility in the way it does  things --but not in what it does . The words of Jesus in Matthew 28 make the mission of the church clear : The responsibility for disciplining rests with the church and all believers . In other words , your church is given the instruction to take the spiritual initiative for cultivating an environment of love , trust , and obedience to God ,all for His glory . It is not an environment that pushes cataclysm--sudden or drastic…


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God Gives His Children His Word

God gives his children His Word so that they will know His heart and the wisdom He has to share . His Word is the firm foundation on which believers are to establish their unique relationship with Him . The Word of God connects us with Jesus by demonstrating how Jesus lived and how He loved--and how God wants us to live .To the Jews who had believed him , Jesus said , If you hold to my teaching , you are really my disciples .Then you will…


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To All Leaders Obedience # 4

Obedience. Few of us like to roll that word off our tongue . After trusting and repentance , obedience represents the crucial link to a personal relationship with God. When you and other church leaders are obedient to God the Father ---just as Jesus was ---you , too , have an opportunity to be more like the Father , to show your true love for Him , and to see God draw others to Himself through you . Since spiritual transformation is…


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The Purpose of His Glory

The purpose of His Glory is not just for us to bask all day in His Presence, although it is available to us on  His  Holy Mountain, but for the work of the  Kingdom of God. There is an enemy that is loose like a roaring lion, that is destroying God's people. God is omnipresent. David says it best in Psalms 139:7,  "Whither shell I go from thy Spirit ? Or whether shell I flee from thy presence ? If I ascend to Heaven, thou are there ! if Imake my bed in Sheol, thou art there…


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There Is A God Part # 1

 One of  the most convincing evidences that there is a God is the change that takes place in a person's life as he or she becomes intimately acquainted with Him . Those who had the nature of a lion become like a lamb . Where there was hate , there is now love . Where there was fighting, there is now peace , Where there was turmoil within , there is now a quiet rest . Where there were endless questions, there is now confidence. He changes the selfish  person into one who cares about…


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Far-Away God

God is not a far-away God . Yet , He is waiting for us not only to seek Him but to find Him . The Apostle Paul explains it best in his sermon on Mars Hill , '' And hath  made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth , and hath determined the times before appointed , and the bounds of their habitation ; That they should seek the Lord if haply , they might feel after him , and find him , though he be not far from everyone of us . For in him we live , and move ,…


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To Be Born Agin

The Bible says all person are sinners ( Romans 3:23 ). Jesus died on a cross and was raised from the dead to save sinners . To be born again means that a person admits to God that he or she is a sinner, repents of sin, believes in or trusts Christ, and confesses faith in Christ as Savior and Lord. Jesus told Nicodemus that everyone who believes in ( places faith Christ would not perish ( John 3:16 ). Jesus is the only One who can save us ( John 14:6 ).

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