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What Does Holy Look LIke?

What does Holy look like?

the world has to see us differently from them, we the Body of Christ are to set a standard, we are to display that there is a difference between saved and unsaved. Now hold on, this is where I might throw you a curve.

Do you look Holy? are you dressed in patience? think about how long it took for you to come in, and now you want these babes to do overnight what someone had to pray you through? Do you look Holy?

do they see us… Continue

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African American leadership is suffering from the same thing that world leadership is suffering from.

The belief that one should put their faith in a mortal human being is wrong.

Each of us have had our culture and political Moses, the one who brought us through the parted sea.

It is now time for the world to realize that one must put their faith in one more divinely, our Creator.

African American leaders of today fall short, as leaders in general, do… Continue

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Selective Literalism

One of the most serious problems of Christians (and we are all guilty of this) is selective literalism. We choose which passages we want to apply literally; we shout those and we ignore all the others that we don’t like.

In Acts 16, we have the story of the beginning of the church in Philippi. Paul had been directed there by a vision of God. He usually began his evangelizing in the synagogue where he could reach the Jews. But there was no synagogue in Philippi. (To have a synagogue… Continue

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Spiritual Warfare

Ephesians 6

Battlefield: is the place where the battle is fought.

Warfare: the battle or the conflict

There are too many Christians on the battlefield, getting hit on the right, left, in mid-section, getting kick from the back, finding themselves lost on the battlefield. The reason why?

They were not ready for warfare. Their minds were not renewed; they skipped the spiritual basic training program or they failed to complete it.

We as… Continue

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What about Job's Wife

What about Job’s Wife?

We are not given her name, but we are all familiar with her infamous words “curse your God and die” But before we point that accusing finger, let’s just think on some things. Job was said to be a perfect man, mature, now we have to think that a perfect man would at least have a near perfect wife. Now some husbands have been called saints for putting up with some wives, and vice-versa, but perfect is a whole different level.

1. Within a days time Job… Continue

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