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What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also known as Critical Incident Stress is an emotional and psychological reaction to trauma. Trauma can be defined as a painful shocking experience or event. Trauma has lasting effects on the individuals who witnessed or survived some type of abnormal event. Individuals who survived the following events are more than likely to suffer from PTSD war, terrorist attack, violent crime, suicide of a loved one, unexpected death of a loved one, diagnosis of a life… Continue

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Have You Kissed Dating Good-bye?

According to a recent national survey by researchers at Rutgers University, 94 percent of singles stated that they want to marry their soul mate. However, many of them acknowledged a lack of confidence in being able to achieve this goal. Below are two stories from individuals who obviously followed their hearts, but forgot to consult their head in their relationships.

Listen to Marks’ story, he’s thirty-eight, and at the end of a three-year relationship:

I felt sorry for… Continue

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Singleness Is Not a Disease

As important as marriage is in our society, one would think that preparing for marriage would be just as equally important. Unfortunately for most people planning the wedding is more important that planning for a successful marriage. When I entered marriage I was 31 years young, and unprepared emotionally, spiritually, or financially. I was in pursuing my degree and living at home with my parents. I was a single mom working full-time and going to school full-time.

My father who is… Continue

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Pursue the dream

What is a dream? A dream is something that we’d love to accomplish. It’s something we have become passionate about being, doing or having. A focus so sharp, we can actually visualize it happening. A dream is our purpose or life mission. The moment we make up our minds to pursue the dream it becomes a goal.

What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. You have to be able to see it before you can receive it. You have to set a target date for making your dreams come true. But leave… Continue

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Saving Our Sons

The Bible is one of the greatest books ever written whose author is still alive, doing well and watching over His word to perform it. Written by Moses, the book of Exodus is one of my favorite books in the Bible. It is an exciting story of God delivering His people from slavery in Egypt. What’s amazing to me is that the same God who miraculously delivered His people is the same God who can deliver us today.

Although I have read the book of Exodus before, as I read the first chapter… Continue

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The crisis of suicide

I am a lover of anything creative that has to do with the arts- spoken word, paintings, music, theatre, plays and movies. I recently attended an art show. There were various works of art on display. But there was one painting in particular that caught my attention.

In this portrait sat a young man who appeared to be in deep thought. In the background of the painting were words such as isolation, desperation, fear, anger, pain, loneliness, sadness and others. These words spoke of… Continue

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39 life changes that creates stress

Today, I’d like to share some very real and relevant life changes that can create stress. If you have gone through any of the following within the last year you may have experienced stress.

Circumstances such as the death of a spouse, close family member, divorce, jail term, marital separation,personal injury of illness, marriage, job termination, marital reconciliation, retirement, change in health in family, change in financial status, death of a close friend,pregnancy, sex… Continue

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Domestic Violence Leading Cause of Injury to Women

On a national level the month of October is the time of year when advocates, organizations and groups concerned about domestic violence raises their voices to speak out against this crime. They do it through education, awareness, fundraisers and prayer vigils.

What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is a crime. It’s defined as a pattern of coercive tactics, which can include psychological and emotional, social, financial, physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by a family or… Continue

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