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Proper Alignment  And Associations Is Crucial For GOD'S People.We Have To Be Careful About The Influences We Allow To Come Into Our Life.It Is Time To Come Into Agreement With Truth And

Righteousness.Whatever We Come Into Agreement With Will Be Enpowered In Our Life.We Need To Break  Wrong Alignment…


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Unforgiveness Will Take Root In Our Heart It Must Be Cut Away And Cleanse Out,If Left Unchecked Bitterness Will Cover Our Whole Heart And Choke Us. Don't Let The Smallest

Grudge Or Little Insult Have Room To Grow Take Them To GOD Immediately.''The Dressing

Up Room Is Down Here ! Not In Heaven.'' When We Can't Forgive Root Of Bitterness Take Place In Our Heart Then Our Walk With GOD…


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EDEN Is A Walled-In Place Of Fellowship With GOD.Free From Sin And Guarded By CHERUBIM,So That Only GOD'S

People Can Enter.!!! ADAM And EVE Were Put Out Of EDEN Because Of Sin.They Were No Longer Welcome In GOD'S Presence.[ GENESIS 3:23-24] Because Of The Lust Of The World The Enemy Have Deceived And Hinder,

GOD People From True Fellowship With Him.[ GALATIANS 5:7-8] That We Are No Longer Welcome Into His Presence.

To Go Deeper Into EDEN ''HOLY Of HOLIES.'' We As GOD'S People… Continue

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Preachers Are Righteousness Is Coming Fort With A Greater And

Stronger Anointing.They Will Really Be True Preachers Are Rightousness.There Will Be A Different Between Righteousness And

Unrighteous Preachers.The Righteous Will Walk In The Provision Of

The Supernatural,They Will Walk In GOD Way And Turn Many From Sin.The World Is Seeking For True Righteousness.Many Want To And

Will Turn From Sin To GOD.If Only The Preachers Will Preach The

Righteous Of GOD,And Don't… Continue

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[a] Don't Mourn The Past, It Wastes Time.

[b] Start A New Plan.

[c] Even If We Failed In The Past,It Don't Mean We'll Fail Again.

[d] Believe In Yourself.

[e]Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

[f] Find A Supportive Prayer Partener,Pray Regular Together.

[g] Keep Work Gear Close ''BIBLE.''

[h] Don't Give In To Temptations.

[i] Take Responsibility Each Day.

[j] Recognized Obstacles And Deception Of The Enmey.

[k] Have… Continue

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What Is Friendship?---A Fiendly Feeling Or Attitude,A Person On The Side In A Struggle, A

Supporter,Co-laborer, Means Well, Friendship Is Not Hostile.

Friendly People Are Striving To Be Rid Of The Flesh; [Galatians 5:19-21]

Friendly People Are Pressing Toward The Fruit Of The Spirit; [Galatians 5:22-26]

During Times Of Suffering,True Friends Stick Close To Provide Comfort And Assistance;

[Proverbs 17:17]

A Person Who Has Friends, Must Himself Be Friendly; [Proverbs… Continue

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The End Of Nov.2009; The Spirit Of CHRIST Impressed Upon My Heart To Let His People Know. ''To Empty Their Luggage [HEART] And Go Into 2010 With Empty Luggage. So He [GOD] Can Fill Them His Way [2 CORINTHIANS 7:1]
He's Ready To Perform His Word [ISAIAH 55:11] To Those Who Have Done According To His Word [JOEL 2:12-27] And
He [GOD] In Turn Will Do His Word [JOEL 2:18-27] EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS!!!

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God Shows No Partiality,The News Of The Gospel Is Not For A Certain Population. In Every Nation People Is Welcome

Into GOD Kingdom. GOD Is No Respecter Of Person, He Has No Favorite Nation Or Race, Nor Does He Favor Any Individual Because Of Nationality, Or Position In Life. GOD Favor And Accepts Those From Every Nation Who Turn

From Sin,Believe In CHRIST Fear GOD, And Live RIGHTEOUSLY; The Rich And Poor Have This In Common,The

LORD Is The Maker Of Them All. JOHN The Revelater… Continue

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