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Do you think as Pastors if we pay our Musicians , we will have to pay everybody that serves in Church,

The question was poised to me in a discussions ,if we pay the Musicians why not pay the Greeters, and all the others that serve. We served in every capacity in Ministry  for over 30 years old.and never charged a dime because Our Pastor was not going to pay someone to serve in there own House.,

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Dr.Marvins Sapp lafe wife Home going service can be seen from your compterrs. www.lighthouseflc.com/ladymalinda

You can view from your computers now lighthouseflc.com/ladymalinda.Our prayers are with Pastor Marvin , his children, family and Church. We understand at the height of our Ministry just purchasing our new building , a good congregation ,we lost my late husband we were married to for 27 years and my youngest child was 14 years old. People left after the home going and were not there at all the difficult and hurting months except a few spiritual Mothers. Did not understand it all and missed my… Continue

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Is Church Growth a Concern for you?. Lets share to help one another.

Many Pastors have problems with Church growth in this season. We find people are not loyal and dedicated as in the pass. Has you Church had growth with good fruits or are you struggling in member ship . Lets discuss reasons and ideas.

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Our health and sanity.

Many people become offended and thank we are not preaching the Gospel when we discuss health. With so many people so sick in the Body of Christ should we not as Pastors address that and bring in experts in the field to assist our congregation. Is not that part of the gospel?

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We thought the part in the Church was great and the singing awesome.,our favorite part of the movie.

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Have you been hurt in Church or by Christians?

Many times people leave Church or disconnect from the people God has placed in there lives by a misunderstanding that could have been resolved or by hearing untruths and never seeking to talk with the people involved. The Bible speaks of coming together to reason.Please dont mention the name of a person, Church or Pastor. Lets share ,maybe you can help others to be free and healing to start by sharing and your own healing by sharing and releasing. We dont talk. The World have many platforms,… Continue

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Financial Business of Ministry,

How many of us in Ministry rather the Ministry is large or small have Accountants, Lawyers and prepare for the Business or Financial portion of the Ministry, even when we are small or before we began Ministry, Do we just focus on the spiritual aspect of Ministry and if so why,.besides the money factor.?.., PLease comment.

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Have anyone seen this movie? T.V.One aired this movie some weeks pass. The leading star was Vivica A, Fox.This is a very informative movie, every male and female should see. Church groups must show this.It would be great to have this movie play in the Movie Theaters, but that would take a miracle, If you have not seen this movie go to Blockbuster to rent a copy. Comments are welcomed.

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Our prayers are with the Winans Family and Mom Winans. Pop Winans will be missed by many..

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Please respond . Since money stirs such a great debate among Christians, Why?

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If you look at all the blogs those that discuss money in some form recieve the greatest response. We have Blogs on prayer, being single in Ministry and etc. but it is always the ones that discuss money that have the greatest response, Why,

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As there is never an excuse for anyone male or female to hit anyone at any time. We were troubled to see mature adults ages 30 to 50 on talk shows , many had been in many abusive relations for years past and had to become there age now and mature to make better choices , attack these young people. No one was there and no one knows what happened but these two. We need to remember both of them and there families in our prayers. It is not right but if you hit a 18 or 19 year old wrong. they many… Continue

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Have we as Females learnt to love, take care of and celebrate ourselves and balance work, Ministry , family and life?

I have learnt to have some quality me time .As a female Senior Pastor, business owners, mother and widow who has been in Church all of my life , I have learnt to balance life and to live and not exsist. I had to take the word of God and learn this. Jesus died and we did not have to die or become sick or live from day to day defeated and burnt out. I love God, I pray fast read and study the word of God, try to live holy and celebant but I have a balance and enjoy the earth the Lord created with… Continue

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Senior Pastors are they underpaid and burnt out naturally and spiritually?

Most Senior Pastors work overtime daily .. Even those that have a strong leadership team ,we find spend long hours and days overseeing the Leaders, staff , Ministry , praying , fasting. studying and preparing for services ,Conferences and work tireless to keep the Ministry/Church moving acording to the Word of God and the vision the Lord has given them. We find many Pastors are loosing there health, family and many times there lives because of burn out and not knowing how to balance work ,… Continue

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What are you thoughts about our new President& Family ?

We bless the Lord , this is a man that loves his wife and family. This will serve as a good role model to our younger generation. The President after God is the head. The BIble says it flows from the head on down. We pray we will see restoration of our families and men that love and honor there wives and wives that honor there husbands and children..

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