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You are responsible for the fall of God´s church !

All those Preachers that wear fancy clothes, driving a new fancy car, having a private airplane and travel around the world taking with you your whole family on the church budget.


You are not working for God. You are working for the devil.…


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How to speak to people that have no ears to hear with ?

I know that I often talk on such level so people have hard to understand me.

There is many events in life where we can say that people have to be there to understand what you talking about.....like music-concert, a special and great movie, an accident, your baby first steps and so on......

So how can I describe what have happen to me many times that am out of a normal person's understanding ?

I know when I open my church that I can only speak on a low level and… Continue

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Can Jesus be anti-christ ? Are Jesus and Jesus Christ the same ? Isaiah 45.....

Isaiah 45 (King James Version)

1Thus saith the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to

subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the

two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut;

Cyrus read here

He is known as the one that helped the jews be allowed to return to their homelands and to have re-built the temple in Jerusalem.

The Jewish leader said…

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Suddenly gave God me a place to build His church at

It's when you least espect it, it will come.

Suddenly did I get a call that I had a new apartment on the first floor in the house I live in today.

The living-room vwas very big so it's enough space to start with and one good thing is that it's in the same house I am in now so it's easy to move.

My neighbors are great and I know them. One on my side are from Irland and he travel around the world working so he is seldom at home.

On the other side… Continue

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God's presence is here with me

I wrote a blog earlier today and when I was writing that God had gave me an verse today to look at as I don't know where it belong in the Bible because I am not educated in the Bible and been a worker for God in 9 years.

It was Matthew 23:11 God told me to check up and when I wrote about it I saw God's presence was coming from the right side and in to my body.

In those kind of moments as I have been in them before do I not know what to feel.

It was an emotion of… Continue

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God's mercy in a dead kitten

I am very tired now because I have been with my female cat given birth to 6 kittens.

I breed kitten to get extra money to spend on something important that I normal can't afford as I don't get so much money as retired, I am retired for having pain all over my body.

I sat in 3 and half hour at the floor and was with her when labor as she don't want to be alone and she know I saved the life on one of her kitten last time when it had drawned because I didn't see that she sat… Continue

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My way of thorns a way God does to prepare us for our mission

My way of thorns a way God does to prepare us for our mission

Yes, it what it is.

The best preachings I have heard have coming from those who God have made go down to the bottom and when they haven't find a way out, it is when they turn to God and sometimes an angel have standing in front of them.

I have heard a preacher speaking in a huge church how he slept in his car and did drugs and was so down a person could be.

I have heard about the big Bishop who… Continue

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Look who is moving in ?

When I was in USA as the most poor person in USA did I see very much what was going on in the churches and I know God wanted me to see it how the churches treated a poor needy person.

I will tell you in another blog how I was treated of the at least 1000 churches I visited and most of the churches was those with only african american in them so I can understand that some thought I had no need as I was white but it shouldn't be that way anyway because we should not be like the world… Continue

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The Holy ghost and the scripture, our tools in preaching.

I wish I could read a Bible way back in time because our Bible of today have changed since it first was as a book.

When the time changed and the world was going more evil was in my opinion in the same time as all this new translation of the Bible released.

Who can tell if the devil was involved in the translation of the BIble when they should write and easier version to understand because I don't like in those new translations that they have included notes that pointing… Continue

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When is it ok to divorce ?

I feel me so lonely. The loneliness is in two ways.

The first are loneliness as a woman wanting a man in my daily life but the most loneliness is in my walk with God.

God come and took me from my home and made me go away from my husband that was buddy with satan and I wanted also go away from my husband but I was too weak to could do it by myself but after God had been to me and my daugther did I get a great strength to walk away from him and it didn't scared me that he had…

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Virginia - heaven and hell

I arrived in Virginia in April 2001 from Florida.

As I had been on Internet already in 9 years was it Internet I turn to every time I wanted a answer of a question.

I lived first one months in Virginia Beach but then did I lived a whole summer in Franklin and took care of an old Pastor and his home.

He was married but his kids had taken away their old mother from her husband because he was not nice to her.

His kids refused to come in to his home and… Continue

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God is crying over us and the world

What has it been with the earth God created to be a peaceful place, a place in harmony ?

The stubborness was already there in the men from the first creation of humans.

Adam and Eve refused to listen to God and do what He told them to do and so have it been since that time.

Sometimes does it seems weired and strange in our ear and eyes what God want us to do but God is more wisre than all wise men on earth so don't try to be smart and think you are wise when…

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