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Sounding the alarm on Domestic Abuse in the Black Church !

In recent weeks , I have read blogs and heard stories of Godly women , women in ministry , even women in the pews being abused physically , mentally and emotionally .Tell me brothers and sisters ,,, how long are we goingto sit on the fence while women are being tormented by their abusers, the men in the pulpit , the armorbearer , the deacons? Hopw long are we goingto be passive and just allow this to happen ?

I'm very passionate about this because I am a survivor of this very thing.… Continue

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Announcing Soul2Soul Outreach Ministries Prayer Line

Praise the Lord saints of the Most High ...
Soul2Soul Outreach Ministries will be having their prayer lines open on Sundays , Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9pm to 10 pm . On occasion , we will be having a roundtable discussion on various topics . Come and be blessed of God ! The conference line number is 712-775-7100 388840# .. Looking to have a high time inthe name of Jesus . Shalom !

Yours In Christ ,
Minister Yolanda Oliver Irons

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I'm still here ! (conclusion )

Well, in 1992 , my father lost his struggle with Colon Cancer but not before he accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior . The week before he died , a couple of deacons came by the house to talk to him . Daddy was one not to go to church but during his illness, I would sit by his bed and read the Word of God to him and praying with him . Also , during this time , I was working and taking care of my son , now 4 at this time and seeing to his needs because my mother was working . Well, that… Continue

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I'm still here !

Every time I hear the Williams Brothers song "I'm still here " . it brings tears to my eyes because by man's standards , I am not supposed to be here . I am going to share my testimony , in the hopes that someone can see that God is in the plan for your life , if you put your trust in Him and Him alone ...

My journey started out when I was 3 weeks late being born . My mother was afraid for my life , so they had to induce her and I came out . The next 3 months , my parents noticed… Continue

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God wants it all (your worship )!

Worship : a reverant honor and homage paid to God or a sacred parsonage or any object reguarded as sacred.

When one thinks of worship, most people thinks that you go into a church , sing hymns , and listen to a sermon and leave church . But worship, true worship is how you show God that you reverence Him, in a holy presence of His glory that is manifested in praise ,

In Exodus 34:14 and Exodus 20 : 12 , in the decologue or the ten commandments , God states that He is a… Continue

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Get out of your comfort zone and into your PROMISE ! Genesis 12 :1-3

This id a very key passage of scripture because it tells us that we have to get away from what is comfortable and familiar to us in order to reiceve the things of God . This was the case with Abram. In Genesis 12 :1-3 ,the Lord spoke to Abram and instructed him to leave his family and to go to a land that will make his name great, bless him and to make him a blessing. In addition to that , to curse those who curse him . That's powerful !

Sometimes, we have to leave the familiarity of being… Continue

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