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The In's & Out's of Broadcast Ministry

I've seen a whole lot of good men and women of the Gospel attempt launching their ministries, and waste ministry resources on ineffective marketing strategies. I've been in the radio & television ministry for 18 years, and just when I thought I saw or heard it all, something new is introduced to the Christian Marketplace that makes me sit back and say OMG.

For those who are serious about proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I want to share with you some very small things you… Continue

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Ask The Pastor: What makes a Father a good one?

I did not want this to get lost or buried somewhere... Thanks Tony for asking this very important question. This is the type of conversation that is needed to help encourage "The Broken Man"

Toney Rhodes: You with families being all mixed and matched up now a days, what makes a Father a good one? Is it the one who pays his child support on time? Is it the one who lives in the house? Is it the one that gives his kids whatever they ask for? is it the one that stays away because the Mom… Continue

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A Special Christmas Message for My Friends

I preached this message on December 21st. Our city had a major snow storm that day and many churches closed that day. Because of our radio broadcast ministry and our live audio and video streaming ministry, this message hit thousands that day... and I hope it blesses you as well this Holiday season.

Click Here to enjoy this special Christmas Message

Just as God was determined to reunite us with Him, my prayer for you is that you become just as determined to… Continue

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Merry Christmas From Pastor John Young and FellowshipWorld

God loved the world that He gave us the most perfect gift we could ever receive...Jesus Christ!

With that gift came power over our enemies, empowerment over our circumstances, and the ability to united in fellowship and relationship with our God.

My prayer for you and your family, is that you receive this wonderful gift from God, which will continue to give to you, not just on holidays... But EVERYDAY!

Best Wishes from

Pastor John H. Young, Sr.

Senior… Continue

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Ministers Need Friends Too

Being raised as an only child had its challenges. Yes, mom did everything she could, and in my opinion, she did too much. My mother was a "work-a-holic" (actually she still is). She held down 3 jobs to take care of one kid. Though a commendable attribute, for me it meant coming home to an empty house, feeding myself, and putting myself to bed. Then each morning my mother, in her tiredness would call each of her siblings names "Blanche, Joyce, Jeff". A few moments later she would call my… Continue

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