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Isn’t this awful?

Subject: FW: COSTCO is Selling a Black Doll Baby and Calling the baby a MONKEY 9-4-09

THANKS FOR SHARING THIS... make the phone call or send a letter to COSTCO, EXPOSE THEM

All I can say is Wow. What a mess

I heard about this on 94.5 the other day and I was flabbergasted! Read below....

Do you… Continue

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An update on the health of my daughter. She went for a check up and to prepare for the removal of the tumor on her brain. They first asked her how much paralysis she had and on which side? She told them she had none. They did not believe her and tested her arms and legs. Then they did a scan and x-ray to see the tumor on the brain and could not find it. They couldn't believe it was gone. I know what God can do, and what He did for us, He can do for you. Faith! Thank you, all, for the prayers… Continue

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Thank you, to all who love me and love the goodness of God

I am so happy to hear from you all today. As you know last week one of my daughters had a stroke and the tumor on her brain is still there. We are in prayer for her and for a way for me to get to her. They are waiting for her BP to come down (it was over 245) before they can operate. I received good news yesterday, that one of her friends has a treatment center near Cheyny in Pa for her to rest and get better. Don't tell me my God is not able to more than we can ask. The day of her stroke I was… Continue

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