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Preparing to Transition

For the last couple of years, i've been contemplating a major decision! Do i leave what is comfortable and convienent, or do i go after what i call a place of uncomfortableness. I have always knew that God has been calling me to pastor but when i would see the things my father( yes i'm a p.k. a pastor's kid)has had to endure as a pastor for over 20 years, i was like God, call some one else. i'm comfortable in doing just praise and worship and ushering people into your presence, preaching at… Continue

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It's Good You Don't Fit!

Have you ever tried to fit in with a group and for some reason they would not accept you? Maybe it was the way you dressed, or the way you wore your hair, or your background, your income or maybe your beliefs?!, well to them those kind of things made you abnormal! Well let me encourage you, it’s good you did not fit because when there is an abnormal situation they can’t handle you may be the one they call on! Abnormal folk were created for abnormal situations and times, but will be pushed… Continue

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a better way

Have you ever wondered why things may have not went the way you wanted them to go in your life. especially after you accepted Christ as your lord and Savior. Well let me ask, Are you still trying to have things your way or Do you want it God's way? See we Battle daily with this Flesh of Ours, knowing that it will always lead us the wrong way. But we must learn to crucify our flesh Daily and feed our Spiritual man so that can truly understand God's will For our Life. The world has its way of… Continue

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are you satisfied

A sign of complacency is being satisfied just being where you are. No longer do you have desire or have passion go forward. The apostle Paul said Phil 4:11, in whatever state I find myself in therefore I’ve learned to be content. Meaning it's fine that I am where I am right now in my life but I’m not satisfied, especially when he knew God had so much more for him to do. The same should go for any Kingdom minded believer, when you know God has so much more for you to Do. So be content where you… Continue

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how sure are you

The Bible declares in Job 1 that Satan goes in and out of the earth seeking whom he "May" devour. this has stuck with me over the Last few hours after a conversation I had with a great friend of mine. Satan since he was created by God and ever since he was kicked out of heaven has been on a mission to cancel the assignment that God has for our lives. He knows that his plan is to steal, kill, and destroy us as believers, in as much that the Bible describes him as a Roaring lion. but here is the… Continue

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meditate on this

We spend so much time telling God about our needs that we forget to ask him are we on the same page. the apostle Paul said it this way, "that I may know him and the power of his suffering!!" when we pray to God about our needs more than our relationship with him and others we are missing the most essential part of our walk as a believer. He already knows our needs even before we ask, but he does not want us to be selfish with and in our prayers. If Jesus could pray to God for other's needs and… Continue

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