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evolution racism


Growing up here in new Zealand we have our native people here and in the main the relationship between all is good

Then three years ago I married my beautiful wife Geraldine she is from Zimbabwe beautiful colour. She is a trained nurse and spoke English very very well

I have had so many come up to HER AND SPEAK VERY SLOWLY DO YOU SPEAK E N G L I S H they also ask me what does your wife do ie work She is practise nurse manager at Te Waipuna “oh that’s a very… Continue

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In the past up to the 70’s we gave and gave to third world ministries supported them with money prayers missionaries and so much more. We gave when we did not have much ourselves AND GOD BLESSED THE WESTERN CHURCH The church was strong we evangelised everywhere we went and God blessed all we did

Today we sow to ministries that promise we will get a one hundred fold increase on our money THAT’S IMPOTANT

We tell those frontline ministries even in our own… Continue

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the stag and the grissley


I watched a nature film one day and I saw this mighty stag going down the river looking for a place to get out. It came out onto a gravel island in the middle of the river and sat and rested. The banks on either side of the river were steep but around the next corner was a beach on the side and an easy way back to open country. But the stag could not see this.

Then along came the bear. The bear saw dinner and climbed down the bank and set out for the… Continue

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my big black spider

My big black spider

While cleaning my house one day about six months ago, in the corner of my lounge window I noticed a big black spider. As I pulled down his web he disappeared into a crack. Then I noticed he was outside looking in at me. So I went outside and proceeded to pull down his web.

He peered out from his crack with pleading eyes so I let him stay. Over the months I saw my spider catch many a fly and mosquito and sometimes a wasp or two. It didn’t seem to matter what flew… Continue

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african and carribean witchcraft


Table Of Contents

1. Preface

2. Significance of Festivals in Ghana

3. Fetish Priests

4. Black Stool

5. Paul Isert's Letters (1776)

6. Festivals Held In The Akupem Traditional Area

7. The Art and Culture of Ohum and Odwira

8. Celebrations Event Day By Day

9. Deliverance

10.Female genital Mutilation (FGM)

11.Additional Subjects To Consider



In 2004/2005 I made a missionary trip… Continue

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deliverence from demons

These notes may be reproduced except for commercial purposes


(To be used together with pamphlet “How to Break Curses”)



(1 Corinthians 3:16,17; 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20)

Plan of Satan to defile temple, e.g. sexual intercourse outside of

marriage, perverted sex, smoking addiction, alcohol addiction.

My first deliverance - spirit of abortion cast out of a Christian.

Man… Continue

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how to break curses

Bill Subritzky


How to Break Curses

These notes may be reproduced except for commercial purposes.

(To be used together with pamphlet "Deliverance from Demons")

Primary reason for curses:

(a) Not hearing God's voice

(b) Not doing what He says

There are seven blessings and seven curses referred to in the law in Scripture.

Seven blessings: (Deuteronomy 28)

(1) Exaltation

(2) Reproductiveness

(3) Health

(4)… Continue

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results of failure to forgive parents and or involvement in occult

Bill Subritzky


Results of failure to Honour

our Parents

and/or involvement in the



Suicidal thoughts.

No desire for prayer and Bible study.

Inner resistance to the Word of God.

No word of prayer coming to one's lips.

Visions of white ghostly forms etc.


Struggles at the time of death.


Visionary dreams.


Extra sensory powers.

Blasphemous… Continue

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Zimbabwe needs prayer to break the evil strong hold

God has given me the ability to see in the spirit realm

Both in deliverance and also over countries

As my Wife and I have prayed for Zimbabwe her homeland

The Lord showed me Mugabe then as we prayed over the months I began to see the witch doctors standing behind him and the Lord said they keep him in power

My wife was Geraldine Ushewokunze her father was Herbert Ushewokunze he was a minister in the… Continue

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What is your vision, what sort of vision should we have ==

What is a right vision and what is a right vision for a child of God were all his kids.

Proverbs 29 v18 declares without a vision the people perish the NIV states without a revelation we will perish my interpretation.

Revelation = who are we in Christ What does Gods word say.

Coming from a family steeped in generational abuse revelation had to come into my life from God to set me free.

My vision of me was a weak… Continue

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