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Luke 22:32.....: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren

Done seen so many, weak, wounded and falling soilders. I had to myself to experience a fall in order to no what it's like really to be down in the muck and the mire to have folks just walk by and stump you deeper down in the mud.

But through Christ, I am and have been resurrected. Done seen a lot in my few years (10) of walking this journey with the Lord.

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"A Tribute to All Fathers......"

To all of the men who are holding it down in the home, trying to sustain their families, being faithful to their wives, this one is for you!

To all the men who "tried" coping with their child's mom of some sort, but things just did not work as planned and your still taking care of yours, this one is for you.

Even if you don't have a seed to call your own but you may take up the time to father or mentor the next parent's child, this one is for you.

Keep doing… Continue

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"CHURCH" People

Church People- (exclude five fold apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelist, teachers, ministers, elders, etc "leaders or those in leadership unless their religious than this post is "definitely" for you :) ) but "church" people always try to preach to others when they themselves are cast aways.

"Church" people are "forever" judging folks, throwing the rock but hiding their hands as they would say. Always learning but never quite able to come into the knowledge of the truth. Run away… Continue

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So Many Are "HIGH" and Lifted Up!

The prophet Isaiah stated in the year king Uzziah died he "saw" the Lord "high" and lifted up.

Why is it that so many of the people of God so "high" and "lifted" up? We have thus allowed our "calls" and gifting which are without repentance to steal away our "true" focus which is Christ Crucified. (amen?)

This is a reason why the sheep are being scattered because it's too much flesh trying to take all of the glory and reverence into these mortal bodies.....


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