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My beloved brethren The SPIRIT OF THE LORD has been strong upon me in the last two months.

He has been speaking to me expressly about,

1. The change of seasons. The shift in the heavenlies significantly birthing the True Church of Jesus Christ into a dimension of power not experienced in the recent past. To those ministers who have desired for long to move in the supernatural dimension, the season is here.!!

This power dimension will result in God swiftly judging… Continue

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Man believes in numbers, we equate numbers to success. We believe that the more strength we have to gather crowds the more God we have, not necessarily so in the Kingdom! God does not necessarily work with the multitude. He spoke to Gideon saying the people that are with you are too many for me to give the midianites into your hands(Judges 7;2)

Nothing wrong with numbers but success and accomplishment are very fragile. He said when your gold,silver and herds multiply dont forget me saying… Continue

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There is a thirst, a hunger and longing in the heart of a true covenant child which nothing else can satisfy other than the presence of God. No material thing can reach deep enough in the heart of man to quench this longing.

What the 1st Adam lost in the garden was the presence of God not gold or precious stones! that's why the moment the presence was lifted there was an immediate sense of nakedness and shame ( Gen 3:7,10). Man was designed to dwell in the presence not to visit!!. The… Continue

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In Luke Chapter 5 we learn the following invaluable lessons!

As fishers of men if we keep casting our nets in the shallow waters we will end up having a bunch of shallow men around our mandate! The jokers, the carnal and fleshy those who may never discern the depth of God's mandate over our lives.

Peter's dilemma was not the technique of fishing, the man was an experienced fisherman but the PLACE where he was fishing! The shallow waters. He was there for an entire night and caught… Continue

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On the 5th of SEPTEMBER 2009 the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me thus;

The season has come, the overflow is here and the river of the Holy Spirit has overflown its banks. The coming move of God cannot be contained in the four corners of the church! It is beyond man's control and manipulation.

What is coming is a spiritual earthquake that will shake nations to the very foundations! Like a spiritual tornado it will quake in the spirit, people will fear and tremble.

The… Continue

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