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Jesus is our Lord & Saviour


we had a wondefull Gospel meeting at our Branch church and Remot areas.. many people gave thier life for jesus as saviour ... we conduct the meeting there first time God gave us good appotunity to do extend word of GOD there ...…


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Work of the Outreach ministry


i went to markapore church to preach the word of GOD in the pastors conference .i went there with our gcgm president and our local church pastor invited the all pastors to conference "… Continue

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Baptisms by branch church 1


Our branch church pastors are doing wonderful and great work in the Remot areas and villages...where they are doing ministry visitings by walking all village people ...sarouning areas morethen 3 to 4 km daily .....beacause of dont have bikes to useing the ministry ....every sunday people also comeing from all villagess to… Continue

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Urjent Prayer Request for Flood situation


see here Rellef pesonnerl res-cue a one -year old boy from breached tungabharda brige near Kurnool here gcgm has one branch church but now dont have where we went in the the water.... see left here children look for food in the packets distrubuted by the army per-sonnel at a relief camp....…


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Medical Camp By Good News of Christ"


we are conducting the Medical camp for needly people in village churches

also every month Orphan children,when we getting the these camps many people are comeing for free checkup by doctors.

here where they are livveing getting many health problems.specially eye testing nad ladies problems men and chidlren.

here doctors checkup their helah… Continue

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This Orphan Girl will be Bride "

About:- Name is Rjitha 18 Years -No Parents /

Birthdetails breafly:- Dont"know about her parents One begger sold this Girl FOR Rs.50 Rupees for his drink

/Halcohal the age of 4 of our believer.she is Now 18 years old she has been with them for the past 10 years and she is in 10th class and Now we came forwarded to adopt this Girl.she is wih us. if God"s will we do her marrage if we did it will be first marrage by gcgm..…


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Praise GOD for this Huts Church


This is one of our branch church at another district Kurnool 3 hours journey from Hydrabad city, one of pastor doing ministry here with tribes people they dont have buildings liveing

all people staying here like this huts...they daily going to do a small work like collecting the wast papers and collecting the vegitables at market then buying people… Continue

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pray for this Tribe Women"


she is tribes women our ministry some women"s going to visit these people to share word of God with these people ...ectually dont allowing Jesus their saviour ..that is very hard...but after one year ..this old men …GOOD MINISTRY Continue

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Oneday Village pastors seminar


we have conducted the oneday seminar with all pastors of the gcgm to share leadership who to build the village churches with new souls

when i invited them last month first week today tehy came and participate here at local church,some pastors who are serving remot areas arrived last night after finished their sunday service

becaue they have to do… Continue

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Children ministry"


we have doing ministry a great tribes people these people specilly liveing the forest areas.when we visited them see them deffrent dress on their body that is very special makeing the gloss

and some stones also animal bones bagles specil wonems are very beautiful by their derss ...look like beautiful women...we are starting the sunday servicess with them… Continue

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Tribe Kids


these beautuful children need your prayers they love to study but not able to go to school need to do labour work for eating and collect the street papers to earn money for their daily food


God is sending us to preach… Continue

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