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Who Keeps Ringing My Bell?!

Years ago, for a period of about 3 or 4 months, I was awakened every night, like clockwork by a doorbell.  At 4:00 every morning. 


I remember one of the first times it happened almost like it was yesterday.  Sleeping soundly, my sleep was interrupted by the sound of somebody ringing my doorbell.  I remember waking up, sitting up and listening for it again.  But I didn’t hear anything, so I went back to sleep.  The next night and for a couple of days, it happened again.  I…


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Until His Glory Is Revealed

We wonder sometimes about the things that we are going through, why we’re suffering with some things, some people, some issues and I heard God say that we will keep suffering with it, until His glory comes through.

 How we go through things, whether or not we have the right attitude, if we are complaining, if we are allowing ourselves to learn something, if we are changing; how we grow through it determines how long we will go through it.  And if we are not growing through it, God is…


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