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Just Close Your Eyes

Years ago when we were living in Englewood, I was coming home from the supermarket with some groceries.  And usually when I have groceries I would walk through the garage of course because it would lead straight to the kitchen. And I would leave the garage door opened so that I could see where I was going to get to the door to the kitchen.  But this particular…


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Who Keeps Ringing My Bell?!

Years ago, for a period of about 3 or 4 months, I was awakened every night, like clockwork by a doorbell.  At 4:00 every morning. 


I remember one of the first times it happened almost like it was yesterday.  Sleeping soundly, my sleep was interrupted by the sound of somebody ringing my doorbell.  I remember waking up, sitting up and listening for it again.  But I didn’t hear anything, so I went back to sleep.  The next night and for a couple of days, it happened again.  I…


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Until His Glory Is Revealed

We wonder sometimes about the things that we are going through, why we’re suffering with some things, some people, some issues and I heard God say that we will keep suffering with it, until His glory comes through.

 How we go through things, whether or not we have the right attitude, if we are complaining, if we are allowing ourselves to learn something, if we are changing; how we grow through it determines how long we will go through it.  And if we are not growing through it, God is…


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He Put It In Writing

What do we do when we have a complaint against a company? What about when we have something to say and don’t quite know how to say it? What about when you want to express the way

you feel deep within, what do you do then?

Put it in writing.

Well, God put His Word in writing. He had something to say, something that was on His…


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Don't Tell Me You Love Me

I don't want you to tell me you love me. I want you to show me.

Why so short with me? I don’t need your temper, I need your patience and gentleness. I am not perfect but I am being perfected.

Love is patient, and is kind.

Why are you secretly desiring that I fail? That things would stop working out for me.

Love is not envious.

Don’t brag about what you have done for me already and take pride in that. We can always do more.

Love does not boast.

Don’t tell me… Continue

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He Likes Me

Bless the Lord!

Just wanted you all to know that I wrote this back in January. As God shared through my husband today’s encouraging word, this was brought to my remembrance. Thought it was time to share. Be blessed and encouraged. God loves you!!!

He Likes Me

Yesterday my husband and I spent the day together doing some errands and shopping. At one point towards the end of the day we were sitting in his car and he was getting ready to back out of the parking… Continue

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His Eye Is On You

Bless the Lord o my soul and forget not all His benefits!

I was reminded of something last week that God had spoken to my heart, several years ago. (God will sometimes remind you of things that He has spoken to you in the past, to encourage you to keep moving towards your future).

But anyway, I was living in Virginia at the time (and I shared this with a couple of people before, but it's a good reminder).... Our children had this small inflatable pool.. I'm sure you know… Continue

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Sick People Need A Doctor

One of my sisters in Christ posted something last week based on the

Scripture‎, Matthew 9:12, “But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them,

They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.” The

version she used, says it this way, "IT IS NOT THE HEALTHY WHO NEED A

DOCTOR, BUT THE SICK!" and it jumped off the page at me because God had

spoken this Word in my Spirit years ago and He reminded me of it just

last week.

One night, my son Joseph… Continue

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In The Blink Of An Eye

One day recently I was driving back home from some errands and I remember stopping at the light and sitting there waiting for the light to

change. Sometimes at lights we have a tendency (well, at least I do) to

drift away into thought. We may take a glance at our surroundings and

for a quick moment it may cause us to think about something else. I

believe that is what happened to me, because in the next second, in the

blink of an eye, coming…


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Get In Focus

My husband and I were watching one of the nature channels, where they had a show called, Hunter and The Hunted. And they were showing

tigers in this particular scene. And

what struck me was how the hunter gets so focused on one particular target and

goes after it. Seeing absolutely nothing

else. The tiger had his eye set on this

particular deer and all these other deer were right there, much…


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He Taught Us How

Praise the Lord, saints of God!

I want you to know today that God cares about you so much. He desires that you be in health even as your soul prospers. He desires that you be strengthened and encouraged. He wants you to walk in total victory over the enemy. That whatever he may throw your way you will be able to overcome. Because God has given you the power to do so. He taught you how. We just got to remember that and do what we were taught to…


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Ask for Permission, Instead of Forgiveness

It is much easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I first heard this

just right after sharing ‘Let Your Choice Be God’s Choice,’ when a


replied “Sometimes we think it is easier

to ask forgiveness that it is to ask permission.”

I heard it again just a few days later

when someone posted it as…

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Death Has NO Sting

I am certain that most of us have heard people say at one time or another, “Time heals all wounds.” But time does not heal all wounds, God DOES.

The Scripture, 1 Corinthians 15:55 says, “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” This has been playing over and over in my Spirit for a few weeks now. And it wasn’t until…


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The Beauty of the Cross

Grace and peace!

As we approach Easter God has me meditating on the meaning of the cross. He said when something is of value to us, when something has meaning to us, we treat it like it does. We tend to it, give attention to it, take care of it. Maybe love it. Dote on it. We take care of our cars, we might wash it, shine it. Polish the tires. We take care of our family… see to it that needs are met. Remember their birthdays and other special occasions. We take care of our homes. Maybe mow… Continue

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Let Your Choice Be God's Choice

- The choices we make right now will determine whether or not we fulfill the plan God has for us.

- What you choose right now can have eternal consequences.

- We would be far better off if we would choose what God wants for us, instead of what we want for ourselves.

- Your future is determined by what you do (OR DECIDE TO DO) on a daily basis.

As of late God has been speaking into my spirit, choices. The decisions I make and what kind of result it will bring. What He has… Continue

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Love Through Demonstration

John 17:1 says, “These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:” This particular Scripture hit me at a time when I was struggling with praying for two particular people in my life. Yes, you heard me…. I WAS STRUGGLING WITH PRAYING. I usually had no problem with praying for them as they called on me to do so on a regular basis. But this particular time in my life, in my walk, I just found myself… Continue

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The Table Is Spread

A few weeks before the New Year begun God dropped in my spirit, “Come closer to Me… TRY to love Me like I love you.” And like with most of the things God tells me, it has to marinate in my spirit before I finally catch the revelation.

God said to me you need to draw closer to Me. There are some things that I want to do. In your life and in the lives of others. But I will only do them as you make the change you need to make. I will only do them as you love Me like I love… Continue

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Be The Gift

A couple of years ago I saw an advertisement for Victoria’s Secret that said, ‘Be The Gift.’ Of course, it was an ad of a woman dressed in VS items and on top of her head she had a big red bow. The ad was suggesting something that we really don’t need to go into here, but I will say this, God can turn everything around and use it for His glory if we’re open to receive.

Certainly, when it comes to giving no one can outdo God. Bow or no bow. Big or little. God gave His only Son. Really… Continue

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear what I hear is an old Christmas song sung for many years by many people. There are a few versions that I like, particularly, CeCe Winans, Whitney Houston and Yolanda Adams. After hearing the song so many times and so many years and for the first time a couple of weeks ago, after actually listening to the words, God gave me a real appreciation of it. I had never realized what the song was saying. You know how you can hear things and just not listen to it. And it’s strange because I… Continue

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God WILL Come Down!

Genesis 11:5 reads, “But the Lord came down to see the city and tower which the sons of men had built.” This Scripture and a few others have been speaking to my heart recently. Specifically, ‘the Lord came down.’

There is nothing that God does not know but yet in His omniscience (all embracing knowledge) He makes it a point to come down and see what is going on. And not only that but to do something about it. Side note. Sometimes we go and see what is going on with something and when… Continue

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