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Only Jesus

Jesus God without descent, ancient and magnificent. Before Abraham he was, yet after Abraham he came. Only Jesus can be thirty three and the ancient of days. Only Jesus can be the rock of ages and the rock of today's mega-church, your church, today's church, the one and only church.

Only Jesus can be its eternal theme and its eternal glory. Only Jesus can be its old old story and only story. Only Jesus can be its founder and its sustainer, Its all about Jesus!..

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A True Prophet Reveals "God is One!"

Are you a prophet then consider this?

True prophets preach the One true God and Jesus himself as that one true God in person. Immanuel God with us. The Lord God in creation, the Son in redemption and The Holy Ghost coming to us in salvation. One God in three offices.

For too long the church has propagated a Greko-Roman view of God that did not originate with the prophets of old nor the apostles. The God of the Jew and Christian is One. The word that was with him was his own…


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Dreamers Saviors Deliverers

Dreamers Saviors Deliverers

Available on Amazon for Kindle

Go Set your dream on Fire.

Its not only Pharoah that needs your bread but the brethren too.

Your dream is too big for you to settle among the brothers especially when they are the ones to be found in Egypt.

A book written especially for apostolics and those that are passionate about a…


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Go Overseas... I dare You!

My heart was stirred today as it occasionally is when I get requests from brothers in India and Africa to befriend them or go to their nation. I must admit I have to fight back tears,seeing my own comfortability and asking God for grace to do what's uncomfortable. My heart goes out to these men and women preaching without fear in lands hostile to their teaching and our God. it… Continue

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Why Men can't Run and why preachers cant worship!

I was at a church this weekend where there was a guest preacher. The women got involved in the praise and worship, they got behind the preacher in his ministry and worshipped the Lord. The men I noticed only came alive when it was their time to step into the pulpit and say something, When it came to worship the men were uninvolved apathetic, quiet and had an attitude.

The praise and worship leader discussed this with me and shared her frustration. She said 'how can they just sit there… Continue

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Weekend Thoughts...on preaching!

1. Talking church without preaching sound docrine is no different than being a motivational self help professional & that dont require a call

2. Preaching self help is exactly that... self help. you really cant help anybody if you preach self help. Salvation is the message of God helping you. Thats why I dont preach as gospel, self help!

3. Our churches need to turn a corner and head back on home to Pentecost, that's our birthing place
. Now… Continue

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Community or Culture....where is our voice!

This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel (Acts 2:16)

Every culture has a voice those that speak out the loudest get noticed, those that sit silent and say nothing get overlooked and ignored. Cultures create communities and every community is known by its voice. We are at the point today where we can either get the world's attention or be forever overlooked and ignored. What do you say? yes that's what im asking, what do you 'say!'… Continue

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The revelation of the apostles and prophets

The trinity, 'It's a mystery' they say...

The apostles understood the deep things of God the things hidden in previous generations ' revelation he made known unto me the mystery; as I wrote afore in few words, Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my

knowledge in the mystery of Christ Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit; That the Gentiles should…

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The lens of pain

They have eyes but they see not. (Psalm 115:5)

What makes you cry indicates someones pain you can help heal. What cruches you on the inside reveals a situation where God can use you bring restoration. What problem you see in the church that makes you want to write a blog post, chat to the leader, kick off a series on mp3?

Very often its in the everyday things that God uses, 'provokers' to stir something up in us that lies dormant.…

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Where's the Revelation or are you just preaching?

Paul said he revelation came not from flesh and blood but by and from the Lord (Gal 1:12).

What you have learned by information has brought you to this point however in order to go where you've never been you must get something new and fresh and powerful by revelation. Here's the key its not revelation until it first throws your theology, ideology and destiny out of sync.

Think of this Jesus came into the world. his doctrine threw the whole Jewish religion out of sync he came… Continue

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Do it...Now..

Take action, quit waiting for the opportune time. The right time is when you have the will, the anointing, the courage and the divine urge to give what's 'in you' a 'manifested' time. So let me exhort you to Upgrade your prophetic level. What are you seizing, taking hold of, manifesting and bringing into existence today?....

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Being Normal?

1. Dont trust someone who talks 'supernatual' all the time. Jesus didnt come to make you supernatual he came to make you normal. so just be good at being you! then maybe just maybe God can trust you with some anointing.

2. Some folks are good at home and supernatural in the pulpit, others are supernatural at home and normal in the pulpit. I'm not sure which is best!

3. You can always tell what dvd your preacher listened to on a saturdaynight by how he preaches on sunday… Continue

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Benefits of belonging to a company of preachers...

..and there are diversities of operations but it is the same God that worketh all in all (1 Cor 12:6)

I'm excited to see the variety of ministries on the web, each one passionate about promoting and proclaiming the one thing God has called them to manifest this year, be it a cause, a conference or a congregational gathering.

Each one brings us a different facet of God's passion for his church in the earth.

Each one challenges us… Continue

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Never take a step backwards..

Backing down from God's original intention for your ministry is never his will.
Stand againt your adversary look him in the eyes and say 'Im building it!'

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8 Advantages of using BPN over facebook

The change from free to paid status of ones has seen a big shift in Christian websites moving from Ning. Many no doubt will go to facebook, others will seek out the social websites that offer free membership. Here are some reasons why moving away from your network to facebook may not be a good idea.

1. Preachers should build their own brand and establish their own identity. Building on someone else's platform to a point is like leasing a… Continue

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Prophets of Hope

I've Arrived

Prophet of God, You are a voice into your city and a message to your generation. Your are incredible gifted, talented and anointed and what gives you edge is your obedience to to the demand made made upon you by the Spirit of the Lord. You know how to navigate seasons and rightly divide truth from dogma. You have insight into tomorrow and know how to celebrate your day. The storm you have one through took away the junk you were… Continue

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When Passion Dies and Duty calls?

Back 16 months ago I returned from the US, my elderly mother, she is 86 needs my time and I gave it. It was challenging for me becasue im focused and passionate about my purpose and like to make each day count. What hit me was the fact that my day was re-arraanged not so much around my passion but around my duty.

When duty makes a demand on your life that puts a stop to temporarily stop to mission what do you do? A loved one goes sick an elderly mother no longer looks after herself. A… Continue

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Wanted Your Videos

Have you got quality Gospel Preaching Videos that are of you or your ministry I can promote on our new/tv channel? Please use our contact form on our website.OR Join me on YouTube/pentecostaltv (Paul)

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Preacher...Its time to be the prophet in the house..

Your calling is unique only you can fulfil it

Your message is unconventional only you can preach it

Your God is untraditional only you can reveal him

Your assignment is generational only right now can you pursue it

Then jezebel sent a message to Elijah saying so let the gods do to me, and more also, If I do not make your life as one of them by tomorrow about this time (1 Kings 19:2).

Your 'voice' must be released into your generation because you my friend… Continue

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Riot or Revival?

These that have turned the world upside down are among us.... May we know what this new doctrine wherefore thou speakest of? ..... For I passed by and beheld your devotions, I found an altar to the unknown God whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, 'him' I declare unto you. (Acts 17:616,19,23).

I dont know about you but the most misunderstood or the most ignored doctrine in the bible is the doctrine of God. Everyone wants to be a preacher, but it's knowing his name that… Continue

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