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Recipient of divine grace... Y generationnext

There is an interesting currency in the life of Noah. Fore most of us, he is remembered as the one that mastered the building of the largest boat in his day that secured his family and by extension the entire animal kingdom. For which we all are grateful. As wonderful as this historic event remains, what is often forgotten, was Noah’s greatest discovery At the height of corruption…mans heart continuously evil. To the place of no repair and beyond correction. The flood being the only measure in… Continue

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There comes a point in this journey call life, that the state of the human race demands a strategic change in governance from him who is sovereign. And yes I know it is troubling to say that, after all we say HE CHANGES NOT. I submit however, that the emergence of every generation brings with it a further revealing of the exceeding glory...THAT’S CHANGE...WE ARE AT SUCH MOMENT. The challenges of life and the evidence of evil seem at its highest. Naturally then, we humans will think, that surely… Continue

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thought of the week...daughters of divine can this be‏

At the place where the corruption of mankind has reached its apex and the continuation thereof is no longer beneficial to national development; A YOUNG VIRGIN WOMAN EMERGES AND BECOMES RECEIPITENT OF A NEW SEED,WISDOM FOR ALL GENERATION. Approached by heavenly angels/messengers relative to her place of significance, she became terrified to learn that not only was she blessed and highly favored but that she was chosen to become the carrier the one whose wisdom would be in its purest form and… Continue

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when the light goes out....ygenerationnext‏

And Eli’s eyes had begun to grow dim that he could not see... and the lamp of the temple was in danger of going out. A YOUTHFUL SAMUEL EMERGED. Much is said about the existing global challenges and the extent to which the systems and pattern by which we are governing are in danger of fading away. What since of tragedy, fear and anxiety exist and grips us all and to an extent understandable so, afteral all that we have come to know and be comfortable with is at the place of extinction. Such was… Continue

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DAUGHTERS EMERGED...AND THE NMALE AND FEMALE SHALL KEEP THE SEED ALIVE. The emergence of the woman/female gender has made tremendous stride over the years. Much discussion however remains over their role both in the home and in national life. These debates remain fierce as both sides’ uses scripture in context to support their ideal as to a woman’s role. The purpose of this platform however is to create an environment that speaks to and allows for the full expression of the female gender to… Continue

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KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE---CREATING AN ENVIROMENT AND PLATFORM FOR THE EXPRESSION OF KINGDOM PERSPECTIVES, CULTURE, VALUES, VIEWS, AND INSIGHTS....EYES THAT SEES... Critical to the success of our ability and capacity to navigate these wilderness midfields, is the extent to which we WERE GIVEN EYES TO SEE.HANNAH, understood this and in so doing gave up of her womb to be used as the vehicle through which the new seed or change of priesthood would emerged. EYES THAT SEE ARE ALWAYS TESTED BY EXISTING… Continue

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Y Generationnext

Those who define and study the various dynamics and time frames relative to the emerging generation, has already termed this generation Y, or the millenials.The emergence of every new generation brings with it a new set of challenge. In this case the millennial are referred to those between the ages 20-30 and already they have come to make a significant difference and impact .THE MILLINUIM, A NEW ERA. The challenge we face often is that 1.we do not recognized a new era.2 our failure to… Continue

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Creating an environment for the emerging of Y GENERATION "THE MILLENNIALS"

There assignment to impact and influence the nations with the culture and values of the Kingdom of God.


EYES THAT SEE... And the woman conceived and bares a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child; she hid him three months. In an environment where everything is centered around me, myself… Continue

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