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The greatest christmas story ever told...(Audio)

Assuming the 'friends I have on this network really want to connect to truth I might suggest these two links below;

wonderful talk regarding the biblical messiah and the times we are in..and the relevance--- A must watch---

The Real historical Christmas ...find out how Santa became today's Santa…


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In this lecture Rabbi Kin discusses the concepts of Mashiach and Redemption.

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This lecture is part of a series titled "The Seventy Most Difficult Questions" by Rabbi…


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Answers to fundamental questions about Judaism the root of your belief

Rabbi-Gutman Locks answers fundamental questions about Judaism for a Pastor of xianism._… Continue

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Chemical toxins dumbing down society...

Let us get serious; The Eugenics freaks since WW2 have altered humanity for a long time to come ..perhaps permanently

Folks it is time to stop buying the crap they sell… Continue

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Who lives in California?-List your opportunity:

CK out this growing ning group-List your opportunity:

We Joined up with these folks to Shout in California

Here is the link~~~~ ~ Join the collective voice of our enthusiastic users and SHOUT!!


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Shabbat You say:

Shalom Aleichem=Peace be unto you ....

Thank you for stopping by our post on this fine Shabbat, the set apart day* of the week a certain celebration unto YHVH in accordance to the Bible:

(* Fourth Commandment)… Continue

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Seeking the best kind of walk with G-d...This may help your journey to the ShekinahLife

This may help your journey seeking the Best kind of walk with the ShekinahLife

Enjoy your journey

Some relevant links of interest for the student among us:

I suggest sitting at the feet of the Sages of Israel for good ,solid teaching.

Sure you like… Continue

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Commanded by YHVH to eat the scroll

I believe it was a great Navi /prophet who was told,,better...commanded by YHVH, to Eat the Scroll...

...With all it has in flavor, revelation and insight to our very humanity...yes eat it with glee.truly it is life forever and a day. It is the very next breath of living. It is the ShekinahLife unlocked from within.

It is the consecrated one, the one who is a walking lifestyle and servant to Ha'Shem, who eats the… Continue

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Critique of Christian Credibility

Critique of Christian Credibility
;For the Student among us...enjoy your journey...

Personally, I perceive many people will not like the historical truth as told by the historians of Rome. If you choose to go down this path and dig under the Quagmire of seventeen hundred years of alterations from the original Torah observant founding fathers what is become known as christianity..a name… Continue

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We will do, and we will understand...



Sivan 5-
May 18

This week we celebrate the holiday of
Shavuot,(link to Chabad) the giving of the… Continue

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A deeper study of Paul

My study buddy Steven and I were just dealing with Paul:

Thought it would be of interest:

Steven writes:"Let me deal with the subject of Paul before going any further.

For those who haven't read "Paul and Rabbinic Judaism: Some Rabbinic Elements in Pauline Theology," by W.D. Davies, I can only beg… Continue

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Molested; A journey of torment for many men, and women.

This was written a number of years ago...I hope it helps someone deal with the inherent healing within......

Forgiveness is the longest of the wilderness journeys...IMHO

UNSPEAKABLE an excerpt from the "Cork in the Bottle"Chapter Ten

All Rights reserved


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Even the wicked Atone for Transgressions~~~This may help~you find some answers

This may help~~~you find some answers or at least have some more word on tap when asked a question about what you believe:

This may help those who need to find their personal salvation( Redemption)~~using of course the Original Document called Torah~~~ For those who have a problem with corrected phraseology..that

simply means the…

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Finding G-d is a journey of the Soul (short 1:04-Video)

Finding G-d is a journey of the Soul..spend a minute and listen to the talk that will set your free:


25 February 2009



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What Is Passover?

A famous quote:"No it is not about the Ishtar-easter bunny Dorthy,... nor are you in Kansas anymore...

Source Links:…


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A Woman’s Place in Torah

So much controversy of Women in the Biblical placement....

Also as you read this commentary I would like the Mothers/ Women of the home to note the value of Homeschooling your children...It keeps you vibrant ...

Shalom upon your home and heart as you read ladies ~~…


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Wanted to Know

If the Children of G-d really wanted to know the Bible,... IMHO~They would turn from there superficial understanding and sit at the feet of the Sages of Israel.

~ Why? Because the Sages and Hasidim of Israel wrote the Bible WITH UNDERSTANDING and Really do know their Scrolls far more than the Gentile court has taught.

Sages and Rabbis Lay there lives down for the protection of Israel and that is TORAH INSTRUCTIONS plain and simple.



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Ultimate Purpose

The ultimate Purpose is...

When every human being will accept and willingly accept as their sovereign and allow G-d to enter into their consciousness, their hearts...and their minds.

When every Jew will be proud of their Jewishness and feel connected and when every human being feels he is created in the image of G-d and… Continue

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Media responsibility

Interesting take on Media production~~~~Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum speaks about being Jewish.( More-so about responsibility

My personal take on what is being said is, We need to study the historical facts Then mature in the Torah or word of G-d way before we go out and try to teach but more-so that when all is in place it is a Duty/Hebrew= AH Lay Nu~' it is our duty" to teach the way of truth..You shall know the torah and the Torah will set you free' Then we… Continue

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No longer a Jewish ~ christian nation Mr"O"

If you can take a few minutes to watch this video and think what an obedient nation is when we look at the Hebrew Bible..Idolatry is a no no Right?

And the good king bad King theme goes on and on even until this day right?

So if we do serve a god that is jealous and requires reverence What do we do with or about a ??Leader of the people?? Who does not obey the Tenants of G-d..

Take a moment if you can See the short video and I would like to see if the people know the… Continue

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