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Don't Let Go!

My custom on New Year’s Day used to be to brew coffee all day, relax and read the previous year’s journals. I always found it intriguing to look back at the things that had happened and how God got me through them!

The last two New Year’s I’ve been somewhat displaced and don’t even know where my journals are! But this morning I was thinking back over the year. Actually, my mind went to the year before as well. It’s been a rough two years. A sister diagnosed with a brain tumor, my aunt was… Continue

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IN A Hurry? Why?

Why the hurry? I have been thinking about this a lot more lately as I drive. It seems everyone is in a huge hurry to get where they are going. Many are going to jobs they don’t even like and will complain about all week long. Why such a rush?

If you drive the speed limit or even the five miles over we erroneously try to justify, people pass you like you are sitting still! For the most part it is hurry, hurry, and hurry! I must admit that I get impatient when I am behind someone at a… Continue

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Our Lives Are At Stake!

For the past few days I have heard many cries. There is turmoil in our land. There are no doubts that the enemy is at work to distract, discredit and destroy the work of God in His body. While he cannot accomplish the latter two, he definitely does well at distraction.

Certainly if you are alive, breathing, and reading this you know of several situations in your own sphere where the enemy has broadened or launched an attack.

When Apostle Paul addressed the elders at… Continue

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Water Crossing

Sometimes things just don’t make sense! I do not know if they really are always supposed to or not.

God delivered the Children of Israel out of Egypt with great signs and wonders. Later, in Deuteronomy, He will ask them if they ever knew of a God who went into another nation to take His own nation out with such display of power and signs and wonders. (Deut. 4:34)

But even with all that, it had to be somewhat confusing to them. The first thing they did was run right into the Red… Continue

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Revolution - Restoration

Regardless of one’s doctrinal beliefs, it can be agreed upon that the church is not living up to her full potential. I have yet to hear anyone describe the fullness of what that truly looks like, myself included.

There are some things we do know from scripture. For instance, we know that the Body is to work together as one with each joint supplying its own part. (Eph 4:16) We know we are members of one another as we are one body in Christ. (Rom 12:5) We could go on with an elongated… Continue

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God's Passion

There are some troubling things going on in the world around us. They should not be a great surprise since scriptures have warned us about living in the "last days". Personally, I find comfort in knowing He does not change and will never change!

In Exodus 34:14 Moses told the Children of Israel, "For He is a God who is passionate about His relationship with you." (NLT) Sometimes we don't get it. We can say He loves us and all nod our heads in agreement, but to get the truth that He… Continue

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