Greetings and Happy New Year

I have not been here in quite some time but I have a very good reason. I went back to finish my studies in 2011 at Georgia State University at 59 years young, after having paid my previous student loans off after 24 years. It was like riding a big cumbersome bicycle blindfolded.  The library system was totally renovated and there were computers everywhere, nothing like the 1988-90 Georgia State I initially transferred to.

Let me back peddle a bit. I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia in 1987 with a $100 bill, no family and no friend except a former Ethiopian student of mine I had not seen since he boarded a plane for his new home in America. I had just returned to the United States after being out of the country for six years. I stayed with my student for two weeks before I was on my own.  I was the quintessential bohemian back then with dread locks and a slight British accent that initially prevented me from finding work except at a Burger King in the heart of the Bluff in Vine City, Atlanta., a place most born Atlanteans refused to visit. I proved to be a good investment for the African American entrepreneur who took a chance to hire me. Business picked up as the college students from the neighboring AU University Center would come more to gawk than to enjoy burgers and fries, I believe. After a few months there I was let go (fired) because I refused to stop giving the tossed burgers to homeless people who frequented the dumpster. Back in the day fast food had to be tossed after 15 minutes under the light. The owner was so afraid of a liability lawsuit he would rather throw good food away than give it to homeless people...

Oh, I graduated on December the 17, 2014 the historic 100 graduating class of Georgia State University, a establishment I would not have been permitted to enter in 1913. God is better than good. He does make our enemies our footstools when we stand back and let Him be the Am that He Is; I had an epiphany right there...  I registered my nonprofit, Community Chaplaincy Outreach, Inc. last year and we are planning our first summer camp for Children of Incarcerated parents. I asked for and was appointed to the board of trustees of the county library. I am awaiting a reply from our good governor for an appointment to the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board because there has been a vacancy for some time and it went unnoticed until I asked for that appointment as well. We are in need of sponsors, volunteers, and board members who are as passionate as I am about destroying the School to Prison Pipeline and the Prison Industrial Complex. Oh, I am also working to end recidivism in our community. Another project; community policing where only African American and other officers of color would be allowed in our communities unless Euro-American officers, as well as some middle class African American officers, were retrained  under specific community sensitivity trainings. Once complete he/she could not patrol alone in our communities for a period of six months. Whew... Oh, yes, you can donate. We are totally IRS compliant. Just go to IRS Nonprofits and enter our name.... If you know of anyone whose children could benefit from an all expense paid summer camp contact me through social media, my website or direct @ Chaplain Bernell Wesley



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