5-FOLD MINISTRY GIFTS - The Gift - Gfactor - definition

The Gift - Gfactor - definition

*apostle - governs - the apostle sets the government in order and best understood as the thumb of your hand - it touches every digit (office) and when @war it covers the others and holds em in place like a fis...t!

*prophet - guides - the prophet says that's good that's evil go here don't go there. Like the index finger it points and points out.

*evangelist - gathers - this is the middle finger. This is the only digit that has a blood vein that travels all the way from the tip of it to the heart. The digit is also the longest, too. The evangelist goes the farthest and has the heartbeat of God. This is also confused with respect to denominations traditions and religious thoughts as missionaries! The Kingdom evangelists are not these present day missionaries which should be accepted as apostles. Apostles are like plows, toiling up the land afresh! Kingdom evangelists are in the middle between the prophet and the pastor. They are right in the house gathering in to the fold those that are lost!

*pastor - guards - this is the ring finger and they are married to the sheep. They live with sheep. They eat with sheep, and smell like sheep! The Greek for this word is shepherd. They protect and guard those in the fold that the evangelists gathers in.

*teacher - grounds - the pinky finger maybe small but when trying to get the point across a real teacher will with closed fist beat down or ground it out. The pinky finger will be the digit closest to the blackboard. Like a piece of hamberger being beat or pattied out! The closed fist demands attention!

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