Welcome back! For those of you here for the first time please go to week #1 and catch up with us.

Now for those of you who did the assignment last week, you should have a list of all the things you ever wanted to be, do or have. You will discover your purpose and destiny as a result of this list. I believe your desires will cause you to have a stronger, more real relationship with God. Once you realize that He placed them in your heart to fulfill His purpose through you, it will be easier for you to believe and embrace the fact that God wants to prosper you, Joshua 1:8. As a matter of fact let me write out that reference for you, I want to touch on it briefly.

This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success, Joshua 1:8.

If we commit to meditate (read, proclaim, affirm) the word of God and do (take specific action) what is written, we will have not only prosperity but good success! That is exciting news – God wants us to succeed and prosper! Now you notice that we have to take action, not just movement (busy, activities) but specific action toward our desired end in order to receive or live this prosperous and successful lifestyle. It is said that faith without works is dead; but I like the statement, watch my works and you will see my faith. In other words, you can tell what I believe by what I live. You will know that I believe in divine health, because I live a healthy lifestyle; unmerited favor, because I have no problem approaching others regarding my vision; joy unspeakable, because even in the midst of the storm I’m smiling; prosperity and success, because I move toward my goals every day with a positive motivation that keeps me going.

©You shall have the desires of your heart as long as they are in line with the word of God and His will for your life. When you delight or find pleasure, joy, happiness in the Lord He is determined and obligated according to His word to give you the desires of your heart, Psalm 37:4. God desires to give you your desires. Desires I believe He placed in you to begin with, before He placed you in your mother’s womb. Nothing is done by chance, everything was carefully and wonderfully planned by God for God and He will make it happen.

Ok you have committed your life and everything in it to the will of God, now you are ready to move forward, in the direction of your purpose and destiny. Focus this week on making sure your entire life is available to God and His will for your life. I know right now that may seem very difficult but, over time it will become easier as you acknowledge areas in your life He has not had access to, and now has full reign over. You can trust God to take care of everything in your life, because He cares about everything in your life. Seeking the kingdom of God will become second nature as you consciously concentrate on God’s way of doing things.

Read and reread your list of things you want to do, be or have, add to it as other things come to mind. Don’t be concerned with how you will achieve these things, that’s not your business or job – God will perfect (finish) what He has begun in you, it’s His job. Do you want to retire early, spend more time with your family, sail off the coast of Mexico, travel around the world, go back to school, finally finish school, get married, stay married, be a missionary overseas, expand your church or ministry, buy a new home or car. The sky is the limit so write, write, and write. It does not have to be monetary and cannot be something someone else wants for you; it has to be inside you. Pretend you are a kid standing in the middle of Toys R Us with a giant empty basket in front of you; your job is to fill the basket to overflowing with all the toys, games, puzzles, a bike, etcetera you can find and God is at the checkout stand with your unlimited account ready to cash you out. You don’t have to figure out how it will be done, He will reveal that to you in due time.

I really enjoyed our time together this week and I look forward to seeing you back here next week as we move to step 2 to receiving the desires of your heart which is trust in the Lord.

You can order your signed copy of 7 steps to Receiving the Desires of Your Heart from me @ www.stayblessed.net, or purchase a copy @ www.friesenpress.com or www.amazon.com; if you prefer electronic (e-book) download from amazon or many other bookselling websites. Visit the website for mailing address if you want to send a Money Order.

God Bless and may all your dreams come true!

By the way please share your praise reports or stories of victories with us @ apministries@hotmail.com. AP :)

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