8 Advantages of using BPN over facebook

The change from free to paid status of ones has seen a big shift in Christian websites moving from Ning. Many no doubt will go to facebook, others will seek out the social websites that offer free membership. Here are some reasons why moving away from your network to facebook may not be a good idea.

1. Preachers should build their own brand and establish their own identity. Building on someone else's platform to a point is like leasing a building. My point, why lease when you could purchase and own?

2. A tribe will attract a tribe. If you have a message the followers will come to you. Having our own site enables followers and vistors to see the huge database, resource of material, find the right connections quickly and without distraction.

3. Facebook is will not always get your material into the immediate sight of others. The reason is simple, more distraction and less focus. Plus the fact that your post does not remain visible as long as it does here on your page on Black preaching Network.

4. Christians should purchase their domain name, their brand or ministry name. Then they should use it to build their websites and ministrIes. Think of like this. Do you go to someone else's church or is your passion in starting your own? The same online, It's always better to start your own ministry than host your page on another platform.

Now if you have your own network being part of another network like Black Preaching Network is vital after allow can the network if we don't net work?

5. So many online love Informing but few get to connecting. We as preachers need to stop informing and start connecting. What's the point of having loads of friends and having no one who can run with your vision?

6. The church online needs a mega ministry, and many of them.

7. We as preachers are accountable to God as wise stewards or our time. Its easy to waste time online and it amazes me how so few ministries have a strategy for influencing and winning a generation. I see most preachers on facebook posting blogs about their flights overseas than sharing truth, preaching the gospel and exalting Jesus. Thats' a disgrace! but it is something we can change individually when we grab a hold of our destiny and assigment and unique and individual responsibility.

8. Should we pay for membership Yes! what folks creat they tend to be responsible for. If we value something we will contribute towards it. Anything less is taking advantage of a situation and the kindness of others, which is wrong.

Here's to Black preaching network, and your success.

Brother Paul
Is a full time evangelist, who also builds websites for preachers and does freelance research for ministries.

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