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Evangelist Andru Kelly, a native of Daytona Beach, Florida, is an anointed ordained minister of the gospel and motivational speaker. He was born to the parentage of the Primus & Annie Kelly. Although his life began in Daytona Beach, he was raised in Cleveland, Ohio where his family later made their home. At the tender age of 12, he accepted the Lord as his Savior and was baptized by Pastor Freddie L. Brown of Mt. Gillion Baptist Church. Not only is he chosen to deliver God’s word, Andru has spent many years of his life spreading God’s word through song and acts of service. He audition and was chosen each year to participate with 45 other students of the Cleveland Public Schools Systems “ALL CITY CHOIR.'" This was a prestigious choir that sang for dignitaries and officials throughout the city and state.

He is able to translate the word of God to any audience as he gives real life comparisons to god’s word, vivid examples to leave a lasting impression each time he allows the Holy Spirit to speak through him. He tried living his life as normal as possible to “fit in” with his peers but, God was speaking to him through dreams and visions. Andru would try to reveal to friends and even his parents what he would see but many times just came off as having a big imagination. It may have come off as far fetched but God would always “make the vision plain”. He received quite diversity in lifestyles as he also spent 6 years in the United States Marine Corps. It was here that He discovered his gift to motivate his fellow marines as well as the families of military personnel to succeed at anything they put their mind to. The gift increased over the next 12yrs as Evangelist Kelly became an entrepreneur of a small business (International Transportation Logistics) company. It was in this constant traveling another piece of god’s puzzle was put into place. While He thought the millions of miles of traveling were for the glory and security of his own life and future. What He now knows is that it was nothing more than a rehearsal and/or foreknowledge of what god wanted and expected from him. He met people from all over the world; witnessed, encouraged, comforted, and even found himself in strange lands laying hands and chasing demons out of the lives of many.

Evangelist Kelly’s life began to change drastically as he spent a great number of years watching lives being destroyed by drug use, drug dealing, low self esteem, poverty and sexual promiscuity. Andru is not ashamed and admits that he even experienced addictive behavior of “life in the fast lane aka a fast dollar” himself. Many days he would ask friends and loved ones for answers to life’s problems but soon learned to petition God for answers only he could give. His awareness and love for God grew to greater heights as he knew only God could preserve and sustain life in such uncompromising conditions. After realizing he could not run or hide from what God had ordained for his life, Andru accepted his call to minister to God’s people. Also I heard the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am: send me”, Isaiah 6:8.

. In 1990 He received a B.S degree in Political Science with a minor in Marketing Communications
.He Attended Desert Palm University and aquired a AA Degree in Divinity in the year 2000
Although he was working on the battlefield long before any thought of aquiring a degree. He was ordained in 2004 by Rabbi Christopher Nimeritker of Peoples United Ministries in las Vegas, Nevada
Andru has been a Sunday School Instructor, Leadership Instructor, Young People's Willing Worker Leader, Secretary and treasurer of several ministries and also Youth Pastor and a Assistant Pastor.

Andru is the Founder/President of One Church Ministries. A ministry which aid and assist those bible believing bible teaching churches with a true understanding that God is coming back for his ONE Church. This ministry is working diligently in bridging the gap between; races, denominations, economic status, creeds, handicap...ect The ministry has been successfully planted in 6 states and will continue into 30 states across the country by December, 2011. He is also the Founder of The REAL Group!…Realistic Expectations about Life. This ministry teaches one how to expect positive results when dealing with negative situations and still “keep it real” in truth. He lives by the philosophy that Truth is the key to deliverance. He also serves as on the board of (B.P.M) Brighter Path Ministries. This is a multifaceted organization that specializes in community building, conference advising, gospel artist management, event planning, mentorship, program consulting and more. Andru is also on the board of The American Long Association where he lends his management, sales, and marketing experience to bring major events, workshops, conventions, seminars and community meetings together.

Of all of his accomplishments, Andru would like the world to know him as a man of God that understands that nothing supersedes having a personal relationship with Christ! No matter what you are faced with, you can make it if you have Christ on your side! Psalms 91:1 has proven to be the foundation of his life. As he abides in the secret place of The Most High God, He also abides in him. Today, Andru is comfortably using his influential voice to speak to many audiences as he inspires through real, transparent messages of hope.

Pastor~Evangelist Andru Kelly is always invited in Churches, Anniversaries, Conferences, workshops, Revival meetings, Campus Fellowships, Prayer Summits and crusades around the
nations. You are free to invite Pastor Kelly to any of your meetings.

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Comment by Prophetess Latonya Leonard on November 3, 2009 at 5:19am
We are indeed his For runners, Trail Blazing the Wilderness. For The Return of our Lord & Personal Redeemer ..Prophetess T. Leonard

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