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Many saved , sanctified and filled the Holy Ghost believers are bound! They are bound by "Stinkin-Thinkin".
It seems that once we have confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord and savior of our lives, we get caught up on, what others have. If your neighbour get's a new car that looks better than yours, you buy one too. Much nicer than your neighbour's, Knowing that you can't afford it. If they take a vacation to The Bahamas, you take one to Paris.

In church there's a competition always going on. Competition of the "newest outfit parade", the nices "hair-do parade", who preaches the best sermons, who prayes the best prayer, or who prayers the longest, get the picture!!!

Sthinkin- thinkin has invaded the hearts and minds of God's people for far too long. The body of Christ has moved away from the true meaning of worship. We focus on all the wrong things, we have to get back to the heart of worship. May I remind you that its all about God and not us.
Nothing is wrong with, us dressing up and having nice hair-dos, or having the finer things in life. Remember its about the disposition of one's heart.

Stinking -thinkin will cost you to walk as proud as a peacock, a proud look is one of the things that God hates. Sthinkin-thinkin will have you not speaking to your neighbor, friends, family members, church affiliates. When filt and gabbage gets into a heart, it contaminates the very essence of God's perfect will for our lives. The question is always about what you want, your will and desires are always placed before others. Selfishness, creeps in, egotistical creeps in, the spirit of competition creeps in, hatred etc.

Evil spirits are attached to stinkin-thinkin. When you become obsessed by mind controlling thoughts, which lodges on the inside, eventually they work their way on the outside. It begin to invade and contiminate the atmostphere.

People lets get real, sthinkin-thinkin resides in the Body of Christ today. The precious blood of Jesus, washes away all unclean thoughts, renewing our hearts and minds daily. You can be delivered from stinkin-thinkin, acknowlege, your faults, ask forgiveness, and believe that you are made complete through the blood of Jesus. AMEN!!!!!

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Comment by Rachel Baldwin on January 16, 2009 at 2:12pm
Praise God for this! All of these causes us to be hindered. Thanks for sharing.

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