God has really been dealing with me on this issue. As look out at the different churches Apostolic in particular it really saddens my heart to see that the church has lost its standards. It now looks like the world and acts just like the world. It used to be that when someone saw you they new that you represented holiness. No jewelry, pants, or makeup. Now when I look I can't tell a saint from a sinner. And when you are a part of a church that still up holds those standards you are considerd wierd or strange and some times even called crazy. Holiness needs to be brought back. Pastors are so concerned about numbers and money the ways of God have been completley thrown out. People are told they can't wear jewelry or pants when they are on duty at church but once they get home what happens. Pastors are helping make hypocrites out of the saints. Don't they realize that they have to give an account for each and every soul that us under them. How can we come before God in detesable garments. Things now are no longer about God it is about man. We have a conscienousness of God but do we have a relationship with Him.

I know I am kinda all over the place with this but there is so much on my mind. Holiness isn't about the latest prophet that can tell me what God can if I have a relationship with him. Holiness calls for a separation, to come out from among those who live contratry to Gods word. I'll stop here for now. Until tomorrow.

Holiness is the way

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