I am really excited about my site VacantChurches.org - it is really growing and ministers and preachers of the Gospel are getting great information. What is the site about? Our site not only provides information regarding churches looking for pastors - but also other Christian jobs of interest. We highlight the latest Christian news, we highlight churches and ministries and provide a place for FREE Christian advertisers. How can you get involved? We're asking that you help us build our database so that there is a wealth of information available to encourage our brothers and sisters. We need more people to submit their sermon mp3s or videos, submit information about their churches or ministries, or advertise in our FREE advertising section! There's a lot of ways you can get involved and bring more attention to your ministry! Go to vacantchurches.org today and help us while we help you and others. Also, if you know of churches in your area seeking pastors, please provide us with that information.

It's all about Him!
Be blessed


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