Just in case you think that you are to hard for God.

Just in case you think that you have messed up beyond measure.

Just in case you feel that you are not good enough to be loved.

Just in case you have been led to believe that you are not to be honored.

Just in case you were told that you were and always will be good for nothing.

Just in case you are carrying around the burdens of misconceptions and falsities.

Just in case you are walking in the shoes of lies and deceit.

Just in case you think that the blood of Jesus doesnt flow for you......

Just in case you think, feel , and believe these things.......

Jesus has stopped by to empty your case of the burdens, lies,and deceit

Jesus has come to life the weight of your case off your shoulders

and bear it on His.....

Jesus stopped by the Cross one day that you - yes even you would have the right

to the tree of Life...which is Christ Jesus Himself...

So empty your case of fears and doubt

Get rid of the weights of shame and degradation.....

Lay aside the weight of this case of unforgiveness and self condemnation

Come pick up the yoke of Christ

It is much easier and much lighter than that old case you have been toting thru life

Come to the well that never runs dry and drink of it and be made alive

Come wash in the fountain that is filled with the saving blood of Jesus....

Just in case somebodies been lying to you all this time and all these years....

You tell them now : YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY

I am good enough - cause He is more than enough

I am loveable - cause He first loved me

I am clean - because He washed me in His blood

I am healed - by His stripes I am healed

I am set free - He set me free and I am free indeed


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