You cannot walk into God's ordained destiny for your life without putting your flesh in check. There are too many people who are being elevated and falling because they don't check their flesh. I am not perfect and I do not want to sound self-righteous. I'm just determined to become and accomplish all God has ordained for my life and I wanna help others do the same. If you really want God to prosper your life, you must put your flesh under subjection. Control your sexual desires, your anger, and all the other acts of the flesh that's listed in Galatians 5. I mention those two because they seem to be tearing up the body of Christ and especially the African American community. They contribute to households in our community being headed by single women. Too many of them are living below the poverty line, which lends itself to crime and illiteracy and some emotional issues in our youth that keep them from prospering. Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying that errbody below the poverty line are illiterate criminals. I'm simply saying that we can see the effects of flesh errwhere, even in the African American community.

Destiny is too great to let flesh ruin it and make you a "coulda been." I hope God uses me to empower people, especially my African American brothas, to rise up and be men with real visions. Truly inspiring vision empowers me to keep my flesh in check. There is a future, a reality, if you will, that I MUST MAKE MANIFEST. I GOTTA HAVE IT. It's bigger than me. What I see God doing in and through me will outlive me and make a difference in the world. I cannot afford to mess it up. I really wanna see real brothas get real visions and make them manifest. But, if we live outta control, never putting our flesh under subjection, we'll continually see intelligent, creative brothas end up as coulda been(s).

Brotha, get a job...and keep it. Open your business, or should I say, bitniss, and handle yo bitniss! Handle your money, your sex drive, and your anger. Get a vision from God, make it a reality, let your friends help you get yours and help them as well. Some of us may need to put our foot up our friends' behinds to get them off the couch, computer, playstation, or whatever and do something with thier lives. Friends don't let friends become "coulda been(s)."

Don't be self-destructive. Don't let your dreams write checks your character cannot cash. Put your flesh under subjection and prosper. Sometimes, I simply tell myself, "I need to quit trippin'." Now, I have to keep saying that over and over and over and over with some stuff. But, I am finding that I am growing and trippin' less. (Are people still saying, "trippin"? Am I exposing my 40ness? If there is something more fresh, dope, or def to say than trippin', holla back. I'm doin' a lot, but I'm sure somebody is feelin' me.)

I also appreciate the privilege of repentance. When my flesh gets the best of me, I can come to God and be straight up, ask for forgiveness, receive power to become and accomplish what He has ordained, and I move the Spirit. I may move forward still trying to get over how I have given in to my flesh...again, but I move forward. I cannnot afford for my weaknesses to keep me from continually communing with God because I done messed up. Gotta keep growing, progressing and walking into new elevations.

That's enough for now. Just had to get that out. I'll share more lata.

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Comment by Minister Dee Thompson on February 19, 2008 at 12:15pm

You are definately "Old School" Tell it like it is!! Somebody had to say it because most Pastors are not. Continue to "keep it real" and God will continue to prosper your ministry like never before!

Much Love & Respect!
Dee Thompson

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