Many times we have seen Satan set traps for new born-again Christians that are getting more involved in Bible studies and attending church on a regular basis. They are growing in the Lord. He sets up some circumstances that cause them to stop fellowshipping with other soul winning, fruit-bearing Christians and from going to church and Bible studies for a period of time. In other words, Satan gets them alone "in the wilderness," away from believers who are able to correct them when they are being deceived by him (Satan). Finally after a couple weeks or months, they return, but their countenance has changed. The love of God has disappeared. Their response toward the Word of God is no longer meek and childlike as it once was. Their hearts have hardened. They have grown to despise correction and those in authority over them, such as the pastor. They may also be bitter toward the church and their fellow brothers in Christ, whom they once loved and held in high esteem. We have seen children, who were bearing fruit, pulled away by their parents. After a period of time, when they returned, they were hardened. Their old nature had returned. The new nature had been put off. Their whole attitude had changed. We have seen people seeking Christ. They were pulled away by Satan’s devices for a time. When they returned, they were no longer seeking to follow the ways of the cross. We have seen Christians go on vacations. They were bearing good fruit before they left. When they returned, their minds had become set on this world and were no longer centered on the love of Jesus. Yet in many of the cases, the "once fruit-bearing Christian" was positive there was nothing wrong. They were positive they were still abiding in the will of God, even though the love of God towards their brothers in Christ had changed. They might speak behind their brother’s back, murmur, complain, sow discord, and cause others to pull away from the church, the Bible school, or from witnessing. They were blinded and could not tell they were wandering about in darkness.

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