Having the ability to believe in someone, allows room for the security that we all seek, especially when the enemy is trying to knock us out with his famous one - two punch called negativity, which can take away our strength to keep pressing on and be able to look at that someone and know that all is going to be alright takes a lot of faith that can make us quite vulnerable and open for hurt and insecurity, if such person does not come through during times of need.

What do we lean on to build the foundation for trust to believe in someone?

Can we lean on the fact that God gave His only begotten Son? John 3:16, just so that we can be reconciled back to Him, while at the same time using His son to teach us how to lean on Him in times of need, love unconditonally, focus totally and borrow strength that will always be needed when fighting the enemy, who want nothing but to kill, steal, and destroy us John 10:10, just so we can have life more abundantly and do so unconditonally...Hmm! I know for sure I've never received such love from anyone else, who only wanted what was best for me.

That is a strong foundation to build on, from the Creator, Who owe us nothing, yet only want to have a relationship that allows us to feel the comfort of moving to the other side of the road that will provide us the security needed to survive the enemies attacks, much like a child, who looks at his parents, when getting ready to cross the street, because all can be blurring at times John 12:46 and again the enemy love to be able to hit you with his stuff, which is why it's so important to not only keep our eyes on the Lord, but in belief that all that we give, He will handle for us and open our eyes, so we can focus on getting to the other side with the security that we seek greatly.

How many time while believing in someone, we have had doubts?

Well! in God we can have complete confidence that He will always make a way for us, but we must believe, thus making room for Him to do what He does best and that is love us completely and only want what is best for us; so it's so important to have faith in Him, and not by what we can see or touch John 12:29, which takes the beauty away for building that trust to believe in greater.

Believe in the Father, who shall never let you down and each time, you will be able to get around with the assurance of knowing that you may not be a great fighter, but He has the right gloves to provide you with to knock out the one who want to rob you of your joy, steal your ability to cross over, so you can possibly die and not get to enjoy what is on the other side.

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