There was a child name Billy Bebop, who use to always seem to be hanging out with children, who may not have the ability to think quick, dress flashy, nor be active in athletics or other things that may not be popular among others and to every one who knew Billy wondered why would this child who is quick on his toes, parents dress him well and was very athletic be hanging out with these duds and one day someone mustered up the courage to ask Billy.

Why are you hanging out with these low lives when you can be hanging out with us guys and girls who is having fun in life?

Billy smiled and said? Bless is he who considers the poor Psalm 41:1 and each time I'm with these guys who you call low lives, I come to understand the beauty of God giving us the ability to deal with people on all levels, which can only be activated when we see outside of our selves and seek the kingdom of God, for then we will not think about what others think of us, instead our concentration will be on the gifts that He provides us with, so that such gifts can be shared to all and that is a true blessing in my humble opinion.

With curiosity the child asked where did you get this information?, and again Billy smiled and said there's a book that's been out for centuries, that I like to refer to as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and the other child said, what!, where did you get such a book? and again Billy smiled and said I'm talking about the Bible, where you can learn about the beauty of sharing your time with others on level that represent the love of God and not that I'm looking for any compensation, but it is written that when we make a feast and call the poor, the maimed, the the lamed , and the blind, that such a person shall be blessed, Luke 14:13-14 and my blessing is i'm getting to know these guys who teach me things and I also learn about me dealing with people, who are different then I am, yet the same.

You are weird! said the said the young man.

Well thats O.K. I quest, Billy said with a smile, just as one of his friends called him to come play.

See you later, I must go Billy said, as he ran to friends.

Other references Luke 12:33-34 ~ Proverbs 14:21 ~ Psalm 112:9 ~ 2 Corinthians 9:7

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